October 18, 2021

Critics mock the Metropolitan Police’s advice.

Critics mock the Metropolitan Police.
Critics mock the Metropolitan Police’s advice.

The Metropolitan Police are pursuing the killings of Sarah Evarard and Sabina Nisa, among other recent high-profile killings.

Surgery UK Critics have reportedly given false advice, suggesting that if women in plain clothes do not trust an officer, they should “just wave down”.

Critics believe that leadership “puts responsibility on women” rather than addressing male violence.

The Metropolitan Police has announced that it will recruit 650 officers to patrol “hotspots” to ensure better protection for women.

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The force also issued a brief directive to contact an officer who may be a potential attacker.

The guidance has been largely in response to the force’s views as a “huge and disturbing picture” of the brutal murder of a former police officer, Wayne Cousins, and the crimes against women.

Despite Sarah’s killer being brought to justice in yesterday’s sentencing, the metropolitan police are facing severe beatings from the public domain. Cousins ​​was sentenced in March to life in prison for abducting, raping and killing a 33-year-old boy for misusing his position of trust as a police officer.

The court revealed that Cousin used his warrant card and handcuffs to make a false arrest of Sarah when he used the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions to stop her.

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The September 17 murder of Sabina Nisa and the murders of Nicole Smallman, 27, and Biba Henry, 46, are other high-profile cases for which police have been held accountable.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Krisda Dick is facing undue encouragement from some sections of society who are demanding her immediate resignation.

The announcement of new recruits and new guidelines for the public has exacerbated his predicament. How to challenge lone, non-uniformed officers if an individual suspects that the officer is a threat to their safety? ۔

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