October 21, 2021

Critics have accused Brazil’s Bolsonaro of stifling fears of a “coup” ahead of large-scale rallies.


Brazil prepares for Tuesday’s Independence Day protests by supporters of far-right President Jair Bolsenaro, who has called for support for his attacks on the country’s Supreme Court, the largest in Latin America. They are shaking the great democracy.

Security was beefed up in the capital, Brasilia, and police began blocking access to the central mall, where thousands of people are expected to march. بولسنارو۔ in this Conflict with the judiciary On changes BrazilVoting system

Critics fear the president is encouraging his supporters to try to intimidate or attack the courts. Storm in the US capital By supporters of the then president Donald Trump Then when he falsely claimed that his election defeat was the result of fraud.

Internationally, more than 150 former leftist presidents and party leaders signed. An open letter criticizing. To encourage Bolsenaro, which he called the January imitation. 6 Attack on the US capital

The letter warned that the demonstrations were raising fears of an uprising in the world’s third-largest democracy.

Bolsenaro said on Friday that the protests would be an “ultimatum” for Supreme Court judges who have made “unconstitutional” decisions against his government.

The court has authorized an investigation into Bolsenaro’s allies for allegedly attacking Brazilian democratic institutions through online misinformation. He termed the court-ordered investigation as a violation of the right to free speech.

Congress and the courts have also resisted Bolsenaro’s attempt to introduce paper voting receipts as a backup of the electronic voting system, which he says is a risk of fraud. The Electoral Court says the system is transparent and secure.

Critics of Bolsenaro say they are sowing the seeds of skepticism to challenge next year’s election results, a poll that now shows him losing to the former left-wing president. Luz Anasio Lola de Silva.. Nor has his candidacy been confirmed.

In a short speech to the nation on social media, Lola said that on Independence Day, the president should hope for economic recovery and solidarity with the victims. COVID-19.

“Instead of announcing a solution, he is inviting the people to confront the actions against democracy,” Lola accused Bolsenaro of sowing “division, hatred and violence”.

In Brasilia, 5,000 police and military personnel will be present outside the congress to maintain order in March, where Bolsenaro is scheduled to appear on Tuesday morning.

In the afternoon, Bolsenaro will attend a rally with supporters on a main street in Midtown Sao Paulo, which he predicts will be the largest political rally in Brazilian history.

Many left-wing leaders have urged their followers to avoid confrontation, avoiding Tuesday’s retaliatory protests against large-scale anti-Bolshevik protests on Sunday.

Leaders of Brazil’s financial, industrial and agribusiness have also distanced themselves from attacks on Bolsenaro’s Supreme Court, calling for dialogue between the executive and the judiciary, and warning that tensions threaten economic recovery.



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