October 17, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo pulled the winner late, leaving Manchester United behind Villarreal.

If anyone still doesn’t believe that Cristiano Ronaldo has made a huge positive impact at Manchester United, then their last-minute winner against Villarreal last night should seal the deal.

Ronaldo scored in the 95th minute of the Red Devils’ 2-1 victory in their second match of the UEFA Champions League group stage. They suffered a shock defeat to the Young Boys in their opening match, and a win over Villarreal at Old Trafford keeps their chances of reaching the knockout stage alive.

Villarreal, meanwhile, will be disappointed to come home without a single point in the 53rd minute after taking the lead from Pico Alexar’s strike. Hosts Bruno Fernandes and Alex Tales managed to equalize thanks to the Brazilian combination. It seemed that the clubs would continue to share the spoils of the match until Cristiano Ronaldo showed his presence.