September 17, 2021

Cowid-related absenteeism in Scottish schools has more than doubled in a week.

Code-related absenteeism from Scottish schools has more than doubled in a week.

Students are increasingly being hindered in their studies by the virus.

Absenteeism has more than doubled in a week.


Absenteeism has more than doubled in a week.Credit: PA

Absence of coronavirus-related causes increased from 6,778 on August 19 to 16,240 on Wednesday.

The return of schools has been cited as a factor in the growing number of cases in the country.

Cases were on one. Record 6,835 On friday Total 5,858.

Students who test positive need to be isolated for ten days and those with whom they have long been in contact should stay away from school and take the PCR test.

Concerns have been raised that schools have been struggling to keep students learning for almost 18 months since the first lockdown. Times.

Michael Marra, a spokesman for Scottish Labor education, has accused the Scottish government of wasting the opportunity to turn classrooms into epidemic evidence over the summer.

He noted the lack of progress in improving ventilation – which would be especially important in cold weather – and called on the government to step up measures around air quality and testing.

He also expressed concern that most schoolchildren were not eligible for the vaccine – on which the country now relies heavily.

The Scottish Government said the ventilation guidelines were implemented last year with 90 million.

An additional ڈالر 10 million was made available to purchase CO2 monitors, which help determine the level of ventilation and whether windows and vents need to be opened.

The Scottish government wants to avoid closing schools at all costs because of the growing number of cases.

According to statistics, 17% of children tested positive outside of school, 80% isolated and 3% of parents kept away as a precaution.

The first minister has insisted that the government is ready to offer the vaccine to all children between the ages of 12 and 15 if it gets JCVI approval.

Only 8% of 16- to 17-year-olds and 45% of 18- to 29-year-olds have been given a double job.

The government has also said that schools will be closed as one. Very last resort.

Government adviser Linda Bold warns that schools can. If things continue to escalate, close again.

Deaths from coyotes in the UK increased by almost 50 per cent in one month as 133 more people died and 32,406 tested positive.

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