October 21, 2021

Covid’s emergency on the French island of Reunion will end.


France has announced that it will end the state of emergency declared in July in the Indian Ocean by its Reunion Island department, as cowardly cases are declining. There is no uniform decline in cases in other overseas areas.

From October 2 to 8, La Reunion recorded 241 cases, with an incidence rate of 28.2 per 100,000 residents, compared to 100 to 100,000 residents in July, when President Emmanuel Macron Declared a state of emergency..

He said he made the decision because vaccination levels on the island were “insufficient” and hospitals were under pressure.

There was an island. Under lockdown Until September 15, and Curfew Retrieved October 4.

On Wednesday, government spokesman Gabriel Atal said the state of emergency would be lifted on Friday, following a ministerial meeting to introduce a bill to increase the likelihood of a coveted health pass across France by July 2022. has been.

Cavid’s cases were particularly high abroad in France, where vaccination rates are not as high as in the mainland.

The state of emergency in French Guiana will be extended until December 31. Atal said the epidemic there seemed to be declining, but the situation was still tense.

In the Caribbean island of Martinique, after going down for eight weeks in a row, Cowed’s case is on the rise again.

(With AFP)


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