Covid strain ‘worse than Delta’ found in 3 countries – RT World News

Scientists are sounding the alarm, as what could be the most commonly developed strain of coronavirus has been reported in patients in different parts of the world. Its resistance to vaccines raises concerns.

The latest known version of COVID-19 has significant changes in its spikes, which could make it invulnerable to vaccination. It may be the most developed coronavirus strain ever, as 32 mutations have been clearly detected in it. The currently dominant, highly transmissible delta strain, which has contributed to this year’s increase in cases globally, has at least 11 spike mutations.

Originally seen in three patients in Botswana – and thus known as the Botswana variant – it has already been detected in three countries since the first infection on 11 November. Six cases have been detected in South Africa, and one was later reported in Hong Kong. According to British media.

The Hong Kong patient recently traveled from South Africa to China – putting scientists on high alert, as the new variant could have spread anywhere through international travel. The patient is also called double immunization.

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The news of the mutated strain, known as B.1.1.529 and which may be named ‘nu’ at the end, was shared by Tom Peacock, a virologist at the Imperial College Department of Infectious Diseases, London. Describing the Spike Profile of the Botswana Edition”gruesome, “he tweeted it could happen”antigenically worse than almost anything,

Warning that in the new version “Very long branch lengths and really awesome spike mutation profiles, said the virologist “Must be monitored very, very muchOn the bright side, according to the researchers, the high number of mutations could mean that the variant is unstable, which could prevent it from becoming widespread.

So far, Covid-19 has killed more than five million people globally, with over 259.5 million infected.

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