September 18, 2021

Covid booster and flu jobs for the weak may start next month.

A pop-up vaccination center opened in Custom House Square ahead of the Belsink concerts in Belfast City Center as part of a campaign to vaccinate young people and more people against COVID-19. Photo by Jonathan Porter / Press E.

Dr Tom Blake, head of the British Medical Association in Northern Ireland, told the newsletter that the flu vaccine and corona virus booster vaccine were expected to be launched in September this year.

He also revealed that doctors fear that a “major pandemic” of the flu this winter could be accompanied by another increase in corona virus infections, along with other respiratory illnesses that often circulate in the winter. ۔

Dr Blake said there were “many unknowns” with the flu this year, with the corona virus lockdown worldwide reducing the normal rate of influenza infection.

The lack of circulating flu in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, which provide medical experts on this side of the equator with an early warning of what stress to target through the vaccine program, will make the weak “less reliable”. Can make our efforts.

He also expressed concern that low rates of flu were circulating here due to lockdowns and other infection control measures, weakening people’s “natural immunity” against the flu because they were not exposed to the virus. May be.

Asked if an outbreak of an infectious disease meant another lockdown in Northern Ireland, Dr Blake did not rule out the possibility, but said it was too early to say.

“Only time will tell,” he said. “What we have learned this summer is that we have managed to reduce the number of admissions, even though the infection rate is as high as it was last winter. The hospital admissions rate is not as high. And that’s because of the vaccination program.

He continued: “I think now the focus of health care in terms of vaccinations will be on winter boosters for the medically weak and the elderly. At the moment we have 400 strange people in the hospital and extremely It’s hard to deal with 40 people in care, it’s really a lot of work in the NHS, but you always have to look ahead and ask if there’s going to be a problem in the winter. There will be another wave, besides the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in children, and the fact that we have not had a major influenza outbreak. We expect the Booster and Influenza campaign to begin in September.

Explaining how a global flu outbreak could cause problems this winter, he said: I was rotating.

“You see and see what the potential scenarios are. Most of the time, our flu vaccination program tries to keep two, three and even four different types at risk.

“Obviously, Australia, New Zealand and the like have not had a lot of influenza in the last one year to give us an indication of what is coming here.

“So it’s probably not as reliable as it used to be, but of course it’s still worth it.

“Our second problem this year is that there’s not a high rate. People’s flu will reduce the natural immunity, just as the natural immunity against RSV has decreased.”

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