September 18, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccination Glasgow: This is where you can drop in today.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have announced that a number of Covid 19 vaccination drop-in clinics will be available in and around Glasgow today.

Anyone who does not have the first dose of the vaccine, and those who have waited more than eight weeks for their second dose and have not yet booked an appointment, are welcome to attend.

Pfizer is being offered to people between the ages of 16 and 39.

Meanwhile, AstraZeneca is also available as a first dose or second dose for people 40 years of age or older, eight weeks after their first AstraZeneca vaccination.

Drop-in sites and their opening hours:

  • Foundry, Bear Head (9am to 4pm)
  • Glasgow Club Castle Country (9am to 4pm)
  • John Stone Town Hall (9am to 4pm)
  • Cricanteloch Recreation Center (9am to 4pm)
  • Barmloch Community Center (9am to 7pm)
  • Carmichael Hall Eastwood (9am to 7pm)
  • Glasso Club Easter House (9am to 7pm)
  • Lagoon Center (9am to 7pm)
  • Port Glasgow Town Hall (9am to 7pm)
  • Glasgow Central Mosque (9am to 7pm)

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