September 23, 2021

Coved: Hamza Yousuf remembers Sturgeon’s statement after he fell while playing badminton.

Health In Parliament, Secretary Hamza Yousuf recalled yesterday’s cowardly statement – after his pain had broken and broken.

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon told Holyroad that Scotland is about to introduce vaccine passports for nightclubs and some. Music Festivals and football matches as part of ongoing efforts to stem the spread of the corona virus

The first minister said the move – which is due to be confirmed in next week’s Hollywood Road vote – was “appropriate” as matters escalated.

He announced the plans after warning that it was “not impossible at all”. Scotland Can see 10,000 new infections a day.

However, her health secretary was “disappointed” by her absence.

Mr. Youssef, SNPMSP for Glasgow Pollock, later wrote explaining his absence on social media – which resulted in him exploding alone while playing badminton.

Sharing a photo in a cast with crutches, he wrote: “I am disappointed not to be in Parliament today but I felt pressure on my ankles while playing badminton on Monday, then a pop and then fell!

“I went to the fracture clinic today, they confirmed that I had broken my pain.

“Thanks to our wonderful NHS staff who took good care of me.”

Earlier in the Quaid update, Ms Sturgeon said that from Friday, people in Scotland will be able to download a QR code indicating the status of their vaccinations.

The First Minister said that children and people with certain medical conditions who could not be vaccinated would be exempted from the scheme.

He unveiled the certification plan because he described the recent rapid rise in coed infection in Scotland as “extremely worrying”.

The number of new ministers is now 80 percent higher than last week and five times higher than four weeks ago.

Ms Sturgeon said: “There is no doubt that this indicates the fact that the Delta variety is significantly more transferable than previous strains.”

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