September 22, 2021

Court documents reveal the amazing money Britney Spears’ father made with his money

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, may be living in a makeshift home, but as a co-defendant in her estate, she earns 16 16,000 a month.

Matthew Rosengart, who represented the singer in court during her conservative fight, said Jamie had been deprived of her daughter’s money for the past 12 years. In court documents filed Monday, he alleged that he had been paying a staggering amount since 2009.

“Mr. Spears has benefited greatly from his daughter’s conservatism. For example, since at least 2009, Mr. Spears has been paying himself محترم 16,000 a month from Ms. Spears Estate, which he Allotted to Ms. Spears. “The lawyer wrote in court documents that were reviewed Internal.

Not only that, but Rosen Garrett revealed that Britney’s father, Ms. Spears Estate, pays herself ایک 2,000 a month for office expenses. He allegedly began to take advantage of the singer when he was removed as a “temporary” protector of his property.