October 20, 2021

Court bars separated the UK from 14 more locations in London.

Court bars separated the UK from 14 more locations in London.
Court bars separated the UK from 14 more locations in London.

Transport for London has obtained a High Court order to stop British protesters from blocking traffic at 14 locations around the capital..

The court order follows public opposition to stopping ambulances on life-saving missions against workers, as they sat in the middle of Old Street a few clicks from Morfields Eye Hospital.

Extension Rebelin, an affiliate group that shares ties with Insolate UK, returned to M25 during rush hour yesterday morning and violated a previous High Court order.

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Hanger Lane, Vauxhall Bridge, Hammersmith Gallery System, Blackwall Tunnel, Tower Bridge and London Bridge are some of the places that are included in the latest restraining order obtained by Transport for London.

Others include Park Lane, including Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner, Elephant and Castle, all entrances and exits, and a Victoria one-way system.

The restraining order also barred workers from occupying Old Street, Staples Corner, Chesapeake Circle, Red Bridge Circle and Kidbrook Interchange from Edgware Road on A501 Ring Road.

“The safety of those traveling on the capital’s roads is our top priority,” a TFL spokesman said.

We have been restrained by the High Court this afternoon in which the protesters have been barred from engaging in activities that obstruct traffic at 14 places. This will help protect London’s road network and everyone who uses it.

“We will continue to work with police and other highway authorities in London to address the impact on the road network and encourage people to check their travel before traveling.”

Insolate UK is demonstrating that the government’s focus should be on properly insulating all UK homes against climate change.

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The group, despite finding itself in the crosshairs of public outcry and government orders, said about 40 protesters were involved in blocking the junction of the M25 motorway and A501 at the Old Street roundabout during the rush hour yesterday.

Due to the oncoming traffic situation, there were long queues and severe clashes with motorcyclists.

Yesterday, a seemingly distraught woman was caught filming a protest in the capital for disrupting traffic, delaying her daughter’s schooling.

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