September 22, 2021

Costa Coffee has announced the addition of 11 new items to its menu.

Costa Coffee Has announced that 11 new items will be added to the menu as part of this week’s new fall menu.

The menu includes a wide selection of tasty and sweet foods, many of which will be inspired by the upcoming Halloween season.

Here’s what you need to know about the new menu.

What’s on the fall menu?

The Sewer Range includes a brand new addition to Costa’s Classic Toasty Range for 2021.

British Chicken and Mushroom Toast Roast chicken is made from breast, roasted mushrooms and a cheese beech sauce, all wrapped in white bread on top of the cheese.

Sweet-toothed people are looking forward to trying out the declining Terry’s Chocolate Orange-Brownie, which is expected to be a fan favorite this season.

Rich and deep brownies consist of layers of terry chocolate and orange layers, made from real orange oil, to reduce the texture of the brownie in general.

Consumers can also enjoy the new Golden Caramel and Chocolate Cake, which includes three layers of chocolate sponge filled with caramel and chocolate frosting.

The delightful cake is topped with golden milk chocolate buttons, dark chocolate curls and fudge pieces, all dripping with shiny caramel.

A seasonal gingerbread lettuce cookie and gingerbread muffin, complete with a little gingerbread man, will also be available, as well as a double chocolate tortilla and an apple and caramel loaf cake, complete with a tangy apple filling and caramel fudge pieces. Above

Lemon drizzle bread cakes will also return due to popular demand, with some Halloween-inspired treats.

These include a new Wagon Walking Vampire Gingerbread and a Malo Pumpkin Shortcake.

As far as the hot drinks on offer are concerned, all can enjoy coffee classics, including cappuccino, flat white, americino, mocha and latte, caramel oats, vanilla coconut and hazelnuts are available in the Lett + range.

Fans of chocolate can also enjoy the classic hot. Drink it, A white chocolate version, or black forest hot chocolate and cream for something more pleasant.

A Costa Coffee spokesperson said: “At Costa Coffee this September, it’s about enjoying the classic flavors of this fall. From gingerbread to chocolate treats.

Even the mouth-watering new Terry’s Chocolate Orange-Browny Costa is joining the coffee family.

“All we know is that it’s going to be a hit with Chocolate Orange fans out there – a guaranteed fan favorite!”

When will the menu be available?

The new autumn menu will start on Thursday, September 2 at Costa Coffee stores across the country.

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