September 28, 2021

Costa Coffee equated Gordon Ramsay to promote WagonBap.

After a horrific viral review of her bacon dad from Hales Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay, Costa Coffee just thought he should be the face of his new plant-based alternative.

Well … almost.

Glasgow Times:

Photo: Celebrity Martin Jordan sitting in a wagon beep.

Instead, he enlisted the help of a similar version of FWord Chef to create a tutorial video on how to make his new vegan bacon dad.

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A Costa Coffee spokesperson said: “Gordon Ramsay may be famous for separating kitchens, but the country’s favorite look certainly knows how to assemble our vegan bacon dad.

“At Costa Coffee, we always seem to challenge our alternative. the meal We are proud to offer our customers as many choices as possible, and this breakfast alternative is counterfeit.

Glasgow Times:

Completely vegan breakfast rolls are a brand new menu option from Coffee Giants that uses soft white steak, a choice of nancade-free icing and Heinz tomato ketchup over HP brown sauce.

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While we can’t say for sure what real chef Ramsay thinks about meat-free food, Martin Jordan is in favor of making it fake. He said: “My imitation skills and experience were put to the test in the filming of the Wagon Bacon Baap case.

“We’ll see if Gordon agrees, as I’m not an expert, but it tasted good!”

The new Vegan Beacon Beep is now available in stores across the country. Visit for more information.

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