October 25, 2021

Cosby Night Clam of the Cosby Show married her former co-star.

Cassia Nightclub is married to Brad James / Shutterstock, co-star of her former ‘The Cosby Show’

Cassia Nightclub is married to her ex. The prostitute show. Co-star, Brad James!

The Cosby Show alum, 42, went on Instagram on Saturday, October 2, to announce that he and actor Brad James had exchanged vows at a close wedding ceremony late last month. Her post featured a carousel of wedding photos, shared with 4-year-old daughter Kayla’s ex-husband Ed Hartwell.

Cassia Knight Plymouth.
Cassia Nightclub is married to Brad James / Backgrid, co-star of the former The Cosby Show.

The actress wrote, “Last week my life changed forever.” I married my best friend in our house who has a family around and it was magical !!! It wasn’t the big wedding we were actually planning. Instead, it was full of intimacy, whimsy, love, laughter and joy; perfect !! Maybe one day I will share the events that influenced the transformation of our plans. However, for now, I can say that God makes no mistakes and happiness is on the journey.

He added, “Covid has taught us to live in the moment and that the present is the greatest ‘present’ that exists. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us !! Thank you so much r mrbradjames Thank you for loving my wonderful husband, my person, my soul mate, my weakness and faith unconditionally.

Cassia Knight Plymouth.
Cassia Nightclub is married to Brad James / Shutterstock, a former co-star of The Cosby Show.

Brad, 40, was a regular in a series on Tyler Perry. For better or worse, He also shared photos on his Instagram account and wrote in part, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step … I am grateful to have you with me.

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The couple started dating in 2019, shortly after meeting on the 2019 set. Pride and prejudice: Atlanta, per media reports. Cashia announced her engagement in December 2020, then posting on Instagram that her “heart is full of joy !!”

The actress, who became a child star while playing Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992, was previously married to former NFL player Ed Hartwell. The athlete filed for divorce in 2016, months after her marriage and just days before it was announced that she was expecting Ella.

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