September 22, 2021

Corsica separatist group FLNC took a hard line, threatening to take up arms again.


The merger of the organization, the Union of Combatants, and the splinter group “October 22” said in a press release that efforts to find a peaceful solution to their dispute with Paris had failed and that politicians who came to power through regular elections had failed. Yes, they failed. Change anything to bring more autonomy to the island.

I A videoFilmed on the night of August 31 and September 1. Certified by journalists Of the local newspaper Corsica Morning., About 30 heavily armed and masked fighters were shown in front of a table covered with a Corsica National Liberation Front (FLNC) banner.

A masked man reads. 5 page statement., Pointing to a “nationalist wave” and a 41% victory for Giles Simeone in the June local elections, defeated French President Emmanuel Macron’s La Republique en March (LREM) candidate. Granted, the central government in Paris is “blind” and “deaf” to the wishes of the Corsican people, while increasing the power of the provinces.

The group is angry at the “increase in colonial politicking” and the “patronage of bureaucratic talk” as if “nothing has changed in this small colony.”

The group says 2016 decision “Progressive disarmament” has been hit by a severe state of alert due to Islamic State-inspired terrorist attacks (particularly the attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. On and against January 7, 2015. Bataklan Theater on November 13 this year)

But despite this, the group says, there has been no progress that has led to greater autonomy. “FLNC will not be high because not a single goal for which it was created has been achieved,” the statement said.


The group warns that renewed use of violence is possible.

We can stick to the “idea” of pacifism, but one must not forget that if. [during the Indian war of independence against the UK] There were 350,000 Hindus and 70,000,000 British. It was highly unlikely that Gandhi would have won through non-violence.

The statement called on local politicians who have come to power through direct elections not to “sit idly by in the luxury of a defeated victory” and said they expect “engagement” to increase.

He also warned Paris that if its policy of insult continued, it would “definitely” fight with greater determination than in the past.

The statement concludes with “French people who think they are at home on Corsican soil”, saying “our country is not yours yet – your country will never be ours.”


The FLNC was founded in 1976, and along with various other factions carried out hundreds of attacks on the island with the intention of self-government.

He called for the recognition of the “national rights of the Corsican people”, including citizenship, language and culture, and the removal of any traces of “French colonialism”.

There have been hundreds of attacks in 40 years during which nine police officers have been killed in the struggle.

The FLNC has also been accused of carrying out armed robberies and extortion through so-called revolutionary taxes.

However, the group became embroiled in internal strife and strife in the 1990s, a decade after it assassinated Corsica’s Perfect Claude Ergank.


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