Coronation Street fans horrified that Max Turner is escaping justice AGAIN

CORONATION Street fans were horrified when Max Turner AGAIN escaped justice after the spade incident.

The teenager, played by actor Paddy Bever in the ITV series, confessed to teacher Daniel Osborne that he had accidentally injected Amy Barlow.


Max Turner of Coronation Street was exonerated on Monday
Daniel Has Been Called


Daniel has been called “the dumbest teacher that ever walked the soap world”.

A troubled young man has been stalking Daniel for the past few months – he accused an English teacher of underage relations with Summer Spellman, and recently broke into his apartment and vandalized it.

On Monday’s episode, Shauna demanded that Max apologize to Daniel for his recent behavior.

Later in Royce Rolls, a tearful draws a line with Daniel and tells him that David wants him back to school despite David objecting to Max returning until the person who hit Amy was caught.

A suspicious Daniel then started fishing and asked Steve McDonald if any footage from Max’s camera had been recovered.

But Steve told him that Max’s SD card didn’t work and there was no video evidence of that night.

Daniel was convinced that Max was hiding something and dropped by the Platts to get answers.

The student then stumbled on his own lies when he told Daniel that the SD card had been erased, but had previously said that it had never been written to.

After threatening to call the police, Max finally confessed to Daniel that the LSD was meant for him, not Amy.

A shocked Daniel was shocked by Max’s confession and considered confessing to Amy, who was afraid to leave her house after the incident.

Danielle is later confronted by her niece, who bravely explains that she will not let what happens dictate her future life.

Daniel visits the Platts again to tell David and Max that he will remain silent because Amy is one of the strongest people he knows and putting Max in jail won’t change anything.

He then admitted that he made several mistakes himself, including the time he pushed Max down the stairs.

The teacher made a pact that none of them would say anything, otherwise the secret could destroy his family.

But the audience was shocked that Daniel did not call the police and turn Max in, allowing the young man to go unpunished again.

One wrote: “Daniel is the dumbest teacher ever to walk the soap world?

“He gives the psychopath Max power over him, saying, ‘Don’t tell my family that I know.’

Another wrote: “And Max continues his selfish madness, without consequences, until the next time. Great job!”

Troubled Teenager Has Been Causing Problems For Months


Troubled teenager has been causing problems for months1 credit

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