September 21, 2021

Corona virus Scotland: Hamza Youssef urges people under the age of 40 to get a second vaccine jug.

Health. Secretary Hamza Yousaf is urging people under the age of 40 to get their second coed vaccination and “don’t give up” amid growing issues.

The Scottish Government says the number of cases is increasing and about two-thirds of new cases are under the age of 40.

During the past month, 30 percent of admissions to hospitals related to Cove 19 were in people under 40, and most of the non-vaccinated people were in hospitals under 40 (58 percent).

Mr Yousef said the virus was “still a major threat” and urged people of this age who still need their second dose to book an appointment or go to a drop-in clinic.

He said: “More than 80 per cent of the population has now received both rations and I really want to thank all of them and, of course, everyone involved in the delivery of our national program.

“Scotland’s vaccination program has been the fastest. WorldBut it is clear that there are some people, especially those under the age of 40, who have been offered a second appointment and, for whatever reason, have not yet attended.

“Our message to you is clear. It is not too late to get your vaccine and it is important that you take both doses to get the most protection from the virus. Please do not skip work.”

“We are working to make it as easy as possible for people to get their vaccine, and people have increased the options available for how and when to choose a vaccine, such as drop-in and open access clinics.

“While we are in the process of recovering from the epidemic, the high rate of cases indicates the fact that the virus is still a significant threat and the importance of vaccination cannot be underestimated.”

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The second dose of the vaccine can be given from the first eight weeks, at the drop-in clinic or by requesting an appointment through the NHS Inform website.

Ian Scott, Clinical Lead for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation ECMO Service. ScotlandOver the past few weeks, he said, he has been seeing an increasing number of intensive care referrals for people under the age of 40 with Cowed 19.

He said: “In the UK, the average age of patients with COVID 19 who need ECMO support is currently less than 40.

“The fact is, none of these patients have been given the double vaccine and most do not have a basic health condition.

“Usually at this time of year we don’t have any patients who need this level of respiratory support.

The survival rate of acute covid 19 patients is worse than that of viral pneumonia.

“The risks of needing ventilation and ECMO are very high and we think some of these deaths can be avoided.”

Lucy Fleming, NHS Grampian ECMO’s lead nurse, said: “I’m under 40. It’s heartbreaking to see a growing number of young and otherwise healthy people of this age who require this level of intensive care. Is the giver

“There is no doubt that as cases escalate, it is important that anyone who qualifies accepts their invitation to be vaccinated and receives both doses.

No one should consider themselves invincible for Code 19.

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