September 25, 2021

Corona virus Scotland: 7,113 new cases and no deaths reported.

Scotland According to the latest figures, more than 7,100 new cases of Covid 19 have been recorded and no deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours.

The Scottish Government has confirmed that 7,113 people have reported positive code-19 test results.

This is an increase over yesterday’s 5,858 new cases.

A further 55,543 new tests were performed on the Covid 19, which yielded results. Of these, 13.5 percent were positive, down from 14.2 percent yesterday.

In the last 24 hours, there has been no death in the last 28 days who have tested positive for Covid 19, but the Scottish Government noted that register offices are usually closed on weekends.

There were a total of 507 people in the hospital with the recently confirmed Cowade 19, of whom 52 patients were in intensive care.

Scottish vaccination figures now stand at 4,101,311 people who have received the first dose of covid vaccine and 3,655,287 who have received their second dose.

Due to the large number of notices issued by the Scottish Government at the moment, it has been noted that today’s newly reported case data includes a higher proportion of tests than usual, which was processed more than 48 hours ago.

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