Corolla remains the champion in beauty

This is a beautiful and original motor.

It is incorrect to say that this is the most popular car in the world, but more cars have been sold with the Corolla name than with any other. Some time ago, he overtook the Beetle.

One could argue that other popular model names like Escort or Sierra might have been more popular had they not changed, but the Corolla is a success nonetheless.

Taxi drivers especially love it, which gives you the idea that it’s a solid, relatively spacious, and reliable car, but the Toyota name probably already indicated that.

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Cargo compartment Toyota Corolla

In a nutshell, this is a 12th generation car. Toyota is a big fan of the self-charging hybrid-electric powertrain with 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter systems.

He creates the hatchback and Touring Sports (station wagon) bodies, both made in the UK. That’s right, the Corolla is arguably more British than many of the competitors that are considered British cars.

Toyota rightly claims that Corollas are stylish and meet the demands of both daily commuting and weekend getaways, combining driving pleasure in all road conditions with peace of mind and low operating costs.

It is built at the Burnaston plant in Derbyshire, which is the European production center for the Corolla Hatchback and Touring Sports with hybrid engines (1.8 litres) supplied by the TMUK plant in Deeside, North Wales.

Toyota Corolla

For me it was a surprisingly good car.

I’m not sure how many people will look at a Corolla when they’re looking for a compact hatchback or station wagon, but it seems to fit the bill in terms of price, space and quality. But the surprising feature for me was how well it rode. It has a real sense of sportiness that not many compact wagons can offer.

The platform delivers a more enjoyable experience with a 10mm lower center of gravity, multi-link rear suspension as standard across the range, and a 60% stiffer body shell achieved through the use of

high-strength steel reinforcement in key areas. All of these elements contribute to better handling and stability without sacrificing ride and comfort, and reduce high-frequency vibration for an overall feeling of quality.

An interesting feature is the absence of rattles. The Corolla builds on Toyota’s inherent hybrid self-charging technology with numerous measures to minimize noise, vibration and harshness, known in the trade as NVH.

The engine installation is designed to reduce vibration at start-up and at idle. It comes in two trim levels – Icon and Design. The 2.0-liter Design model, the flagship of the range, is tested here. It’s smooth yet sporty, with fast acceleration while still delivering decent fuel economy. These days, it makes sense to be a hybrid if you don’t want an electric car with limited range.

The salon is gorgeous – simple but stylish. The Corolla multimedia system has been upgraded to Toyota Smart Connect Plus for the 2022 model year using a new platform that provides much faster response and provides new features. Offered as standard or as an option on all versions except the Icon class, the new platform features more powerful processing power (CPU) that is 2.4 times faster than the previous system.

It provides instant access to a range of smart connected services, including cloud-based navigation with continuous, “always available” traffic information, 3D city mapping, traffic signs and fixed traffic camera locations.

The station wagon, or Touring Sports as Toyota calls it, is exclusive to Europe and was developed at the Toyota Design Center in Zaventem, Belgium. While it shares the same front end design and 25mm lower height with the hatchback, each rear B-pillar is exclusive to that model. The result is a station wagon with a wide roofline and a sleek yet rugged exterior.

Although the front and rear overhangs have been reduced, the Touring Sports is 58mm longer than the outgoing model.

More importantly, it has a 100mm longer wheelbase to help provide best-in-class rear passenger legroom, and boot space is a decent-sized 581 liters.

Even the entry-level Corolla is well-crafted, but the test version has a better design. It has 17-inch alloy wheels, heated and folding exterior mirrors, privacy glass and a huge panoramic sunroof.

As an all-rounder with a sporty yet comfortable ride, the Corolla is hard to fault.

Design Toyota Corolla Sports Tourer

Price: £31,005 on the road

Engine: 2.0-liter petrol engine with 184 hp and electric motor.

Performance: 112 top speed and 0 to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds.

Warranty: five years, 100,000 miles.

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