September 28, 2021

COP26: Lecola Messages says that Nicola Sturgeon is being ‘cut out’ from the No. 10 summit.

According to Leak 10 messages, Nicola Sturgeon is trying to get out of the COP 26 summit so that it cannot be used as a “campaign advertisement for freedom.”

Adviser No. 10 and Cabinet Office are trying to sideline the role of the first minister in the global gathering. Free Is informed.

According to meeting notes and WhatsApp messages seen by the newspaper, strategists are trying to figure out how to prevent the summit from becoming an “advertisement” for Scottish independence.

Responding to reports, Ms. Sturgeon said anyone who allows politics to get in the way of tackling climate change will abdicate responsibility.

He wrote on Twitter: “The most important thing is that COP26 gives a result for fulfilling the Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature to 1.5 degrees.

“We must work together and make the most of it.

“Anyone – me or the prime minister – who has allowed politics to move forward will relinquish that responsibility.”

The COP 26 will be held in Glasgow for two weeks from October 31, and world leaders will be seen descending on the city.

But leaked messages suggest. planning Stop Prime Minister Boris Johnson from sharing the platform with Ms. Sturgeon during and during the event.

He said Mr Johnson should “neutralize” the first minister by including other deviant leaders wherever possible.

A counselor’s message quoted Ms. Sturgeon as saying: “She can be labeled as a character. [as one of the UK’s leaders] But avoids taking its center. Stage. ”

Another said: “We cannot allow it to be used as an advertisement for the liberation campaign.”

The notes also document efforts to ensure that the Union flag is displayed at the summit as much as possible.

A spokesman for the British government told The Independent that the summit was “a major step forward for the whole of Britain” and that “the Prime Minister looks forward to working with his colleagues for a successful conference.”

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