October 22, 2021

Conspiracy against conspiracy.

If people follow the media on a regular basis, they can’t help but learn about the proliferation of conspiracy theories in cyberspace.

As stated in the Hoffman Dictionary (in), conspiracy theories are unfounded by people without proof, reason, logic, or basis, often in anonymity, which usually refers to any academic credentials, education, knowledge, or Are devoid of background which is a slight hint. What they are talking about, and is accepted by those who find it very difficult to understand the truth.

In general, their commonalities run counter to the nefarious conspiracies of some large oppressive government, and those who cater to such ideologies are given a chance to sell products and / or vote, increase rankings and profits, and / or gain attention. Find the easy way. Massive incompetence

Although these cleaners often think they are doing a lot of damage to their psychopaths, they don’t care. Their mentality is simple:

“All I’m doing is commenting on my television show, webpage, or podcast. It’s not my fault if people believe me.”

Naturally, since conspiracy theories, as described above, are constantly devoid of reason, I think it would be foolish to use them here. Anyway, I will taste the forbidden fruits of reason and move on with these questions.

One of the strategies of conspiracy theorists is to say ridiculous things and then tell “skeptics” to disprove them. Yet how many of them would want to end the accusation that others accept without proof? In fact, the main reason why all “electoral fraud” cases have failed is that the US legal system, unlike the Court of Public Opinion, requires that those accused of fraud also have the burden of proving it. Be

Also, how many of these specialists would be prepared for a medical procedure, such as brain surgery, which is not a brain surgeon? Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Financial sharing tells them to do it.

In fact, it’s certainly a bitter thing, but too much, in fact, what a lot of people who deal with COVID have to do? Enter medical facilities whose advice they did not trust.

So, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Thus, in that spirit, I am convinced that I have discovered the ultimate government conspiracy theory: conspiracy theory against conspiracy theory.

It is wonderful in its simplicity. Centuries ago, economist Thomas Malthus argued that the ability of human species to reproduce is greater than its ability to reproduce, thus events such as wars, famines, earthquakes and diseases are necessary evils to control population growth. Are

More recently, the controversial physicist William Shackley argued that the fundamental problem of the human species is that fools reproduce at a higher rate than intelligent people, and instead of being partners in society, they are a drain on it. ۔

So what does my theory do to merge these two theories:

What if Covid is just a vast government conspiracy designed to reduce the population of idiots using their faith in conspiracy theories against them?

What better way to dispose of such people than to ask them to be vaccinated against a deadly virus, when the government knows that the more it encourages them to do so, the more they will refuse. ۔ What better way to make sure they get COVID is to take precautions against it, such as wearing a mask.

However, can’t it be argued that the world would be a better place with Trump’s less faithful, white supremacist, anti-masked, anti-vixen, and various right-wing nuts?

In fact, it can be argued that conspiracy theories are playing into the hands of the government. In fact, as much as I hate this guy, Donald Trump must have actually shown a sense of humor when he allegedly said, “We need our people,” knowing that Is losing, because being a “free” person, the cemetery certainly limits one’s ability to vote.

Will my conspiracy theory follow a cult? maybe not. But that’s what makes it perfect. It’s a perfect idea because it grows on people who don’t believe in it.

Finally, you may ask, do I believe in my theory? Absolutely not. But the beauty of being crazy is that you don’t have to believe it. What is needed is a lack of conscience or concern for one’s peers, and a willingness to destroy the lives of others.

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