September 22, 2021

Connor McGregor decided to fight back? Jack Paul says he is in close contact with the teams

If Jack Paul gets out of the way, Connor McGregor’s next fight will be in the boxing ring instead of Octon. The Irishman has been a boxer rival to YouTuber, and he admits the two teams are fighting each other.

The American Internet Sensation has made no secret of its desire to fight McGregor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend after being subjected to a series of verbal jobs. The team is in contact with McGregor Camp.

“I think it will,” Paul said to The Herd. “Look, I mean, I’m fighting for Connor McGregor right now. There’s no other fighter on a higher level than me who’s calling Connor McGregor and wants to fight Connor.”

“Our team is in touch with their team and they’re really talking about it. And people at first thought I was just kidding when I said I wanted to fight it. But that’s all for now. Real as it is more realistic than ever and by the way, if we fight, I knock it out.

Paul is currently preparing for his fight against Taron Woodley on August 29, but his real goal is to step into the ring with the “infamous”. He has been in the headlines in recent months after winning knockouts on Nate Robinson and Ben Screen, as well as with Floyd Mayweather before the match against his older brother Logan Paul.

However, the fight against McGregor is unlikely to take place until at least 2022, with the Irish currently recovering from a severely broken leg. The former two-division UFC winner suffered a fracture during a loss to Dustin Powers at UFC 264 earlier this month.

In addition to predicting a future fight with McGregor, Paul also insulted the Irishman by claiming that Woodley – who is his next opponent – is a tougher opponent than McGregor. The American feels that McGregor has lost all fame and money.

“I think Tyrone Woodley is a stronger opponent than Connor McGregor,” Poole said. “I think Connor, fame, money is on his head. He’s lost the fighting edge, he’s encouraging.”

“And look, he’s a little boy. He’s 5’8, 155 pounds. Tyrone Woodley is a huge 200-pound explosive man. So he’s more dangerous than Connor McGregor.”

Connor McGregor
Mixed martial arts star Connor McGregor was the highest paid player in the world on Forbes’ annual list in 2020.
Steve Marks / Getty Images North America

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