October 25, 2021

Congratulations to Glasgow’s Drum Chapel Allotment Project

A new the meal The growing space in the Drum Chapel, which was originally used to deal with mental health issues and as anti-social behavior in the area, has now been formally handed over to the community.

The Grouchpel Community Allotment Garden was first planted in 2019 by local police officers. Council Neighborhood staff, including Councilor Paul Kerry and Bailey Malcolm Balfour, wanted to create a variety of activities to help people’s energy work.

The project grew rapidly, gaining more support from community groups, local schools and third sector organizations focused on. Health And well-being.

Glasgow Times:

A grooved wall of Drummore Primary.

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A piece of unoccupied land between Holgreen Avenue and Abbott Shall Avenue has now been converted after road construction, a drainage system, a poly tunnel and other features were completed earlier this year.

As mentioned earlier, the site was affected by the delay Corona virus The epidemic began.

Thirty-five growing plots have now been formally allocated to future farmers who will now have the opportunity to start preparing their soil so that it is ready to be planted and sown early next year.

Councilor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said: “Our food growth strategy is a very important part of our desire to make Glasgow one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. Glasgow produces fresh and nutritious produce. Is eaten, which helps our efforts to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

“But increasing food can bring many other benefits to individuals and communities. Increasing food helps improve physical and mental health and is a major goal of the GroupePal project. People take care of their plots.” And spend time outside cultivating their crops with their farmers, creating a sense of real satisfaction and well-being.

Glasgow Times:

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“The site of the Groupepal Community Allotment Garden was previously in use and attracted anti-social behavior, but now there is a positive focus on constructive use of the land. The project was purchased by the local community and many groups. I am very hopeful that the work done with Growchapel could be a template for other community gardens across the city.

Kerry said it was “really amazing” to see residents using the space and was excited about the future of the project.

There are already plans to expand the allotment with additional growing plots, including an outdoor learning area, a garden, wildflower meadows and charging hedges.

A series of workshops is also scheduled to help develop new farmers’ skills.

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