September 21, 2021

Confirmation of loan from Saul Nguyen and Chelsea

Window Wonders.

Sun Sport believes the team can definitely challenge for the title if they play together – especially with a devastating attack.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United this week and linked up with summer teammate Judon Sanchez.

Leading the attack and the line between them is, of course, former Red Devils striker Romelu Lukau.

Like Ronaldo, Belgium returned to their first English club this summer after Chelsea broke their transfer record by buying them from Inter Milan for 97.5 million euros.

Meanwhile, fantastic benches were formed to form fantasy benches such as Kurt Zuma, Martin Odigard, Amy Bondia, Joe Wallace, Dan James, Odson Edwards and Pattinson Dacca.

The total transfer cost of the initial XI, three of which were signed on the last day, adds up to a total of 45 7,457.5 million.

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