October 27, 2021

Concert Rocks !! – By Stephanie Winter and Victoria Morris – Concert Magazine.

Concert Rocks. Founded in August 2020 by Stephanie Winter and Victoria Morris. It has been created as a place where people can come together to be creative, to spread happiness and to make people smile by hiding the decorated stones. Anyone can get involved, we encourage adults and children of all ages, no artistic ability required, just have fun.

We only ask that if you find a rock, please post a picture. Concert Rocks Facebook. Page so that artists can see their happiness. Place the rock or cover it again.

This group has helped a lot of people, in many ways some anxiety, depression and for some it is a cause of walking during lockdown.

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Concert Rocker 1:

“My daughter is really worried, so when we find a rock, her little face is always bright. She always asks if we can go hunting for a rock. She thinks we don’t always have a rock.” Millie which we have a small collection of but my daughter knows where each one is found, it really takes her mind away from everything and makes her happy.

Concert Rocker 2:

“For me, Concet has been Rocks Therapy and Centauri. After saving 16 months (I have severe asthma) my mental health has been affected. Stone painting has made me very happy, and the posts of the people who found them Yes, they always encourage me. This is the most wonderful group, and the most wonderful hobby.

Concert Rocker 3:

“For me, it’s been part of my recovery from surgery. I hunt for rocks! Some I keep as part of the trip, some I hide again. It’s great for my mental health, and physical fitness. To go out and walk with only one purpose.


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