September 20, 2021

Concert Park Bowling Club Invitational Open Pierce Competition. [Sunday 15th August] – Concert Magazine.

The Concert Park Bowling Club is hosting the only open pairing competition on Sunday, August 15 from 9am to 9pm. Several local clubs from across the Northeast are being invited. The event is sponsored by Concert Computers, Spec Savers Concert, Promotion Time NE and Peter Hennidors and Windows.

The club is in its 98th year, and will celebrate its centenary in 2023.

From September to March, the club plays carpet balls in the clubhouse and is open to the public on Sundays. Both the outer and inner bowls are very sociable, good taste and provide gentle exercise for all ages. The club plays in local bowling leagues as well as county and national competitions. The club also has its own bar and free Wi-Fi. Training and coaching sessions are also available, especially for new members of our qualified and experienced coaches.

“This social sport is suitable for all levels of fitness because it is a gentle way to be active, the rules are simple and there is a social aspect to the sport.” A representative of the British Heart Foundation said.

If you are interested in visiting Bowling, or would like to learn more about Concert Park Bowling Club, please contact the Secretary @

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