September 21, 2021

Concert Magazine – August 2021 Editorial – Concert Magazine.

Welcome to the other. # Positive local news Concert Magazine Edition

In this month’s print edition, Lauren Whitman. Returning with a story about her love / hate relationship with cars (page 9), you “Corona Photo Project On pages 4-5, based on the concept, Fusion for Business announced a partnership with them. Durham Wildlife Trust Read on page 6 as part of their mission to tackle climate change and create awareness for nature conservation in the UK. The story of Phil Brown’s steelwork. On page 7, and get to know local musical talent Katie as we interviewed her on the release of her first single, Live It Up (page 13).

We look forward to hearing from local people and businesses about stories that are important to you and the wider community. So, if you have an idea for a story you would like to share with our local audience, please send us an email. [email protected] Or visit: To tell your story.

Have a wonderful August,

Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsie, and everyone who makes Conceit Magazine possible.

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