September 17, 2021

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Concert – past and present.

Who would have thought 40 years ago, when the infamous red dust of steelworks was dumped in the dustbin of industrial heritage, that the beauty of the Deron Valley would bathe the town of Conceit? Who would believe that such a settlement would become a secret gem? A beautiful place to live, with panoramic views with an abundance of flora and fauna.

A new threat.

Unfortunately, this spectacular return to Conceit’s natural beauty is now in jeopardy. Not by old steelworks manufacturers. There is no return to the sense of pride that the people of Concert had when the steel they produced was used to make beautiful and important structures around the world. No, the new concept of industrialization for the Concert is to burn industrial waste.

Incineration of industrial waste.

Why would anyone want to dump industrial waste into the air and pollute the city? Who would dream such a thing for their city? This living nightmare of possibility is now in the planning stage, based on the submission. Project Birth. Project Genesis, a name chosen with a biblical meaning. His vision for the town of Concert will be a land of new hope that will compensate for the closure of the steelworks. A fair assumption would be that the people involved in such a project want the best for the city.

Project Birth – their mission.

According to Charity Commission websiteThese are the mission statements made by the Project Genesis Trust to ensure that the city of Conceit rises from the red dust of industrialization.

“For the benefit of Deronet Side or its inhabitants, all such items or otherwise are attached to the Deronet Side District as welfare (without being removed from the general nature of the Charity Trust):

  1. Help or assistance in providing facilities for recreation or other leisure time.

  2. Assistance or assistance in providing facilities for the appreciation of the study and encouragement of the arts (not limited to the Arts Center)

  3. Encouraging understanding and appreciation of local history and other matters of historical, artistic, architectural or scientific interest (not limited to helping or assisting in the provision of a heritage center): and

  4. Conservation and improvement of land and its flora and fauna.

Project Birth – their real mission?

Unfortunately, their intentions for the town have been called into question. Are we doing great new tech business? Are we encouraging high-tech companies from all over the Northeast to come to the concert? What about recreational facilities? There are hundreds of new homes on various housing estates. Are they building new facilities like cinemas, bowling alleys, pubs and restaurants to ensure that the people of the city spend their money in the city? Are they providing new facilities like doctors, dentists and doctors? no! What is being planned for our city through Project Genesis, the stronghold of Concert’s health and happiness town? His plan for our city – a burner.

A burner

In a recent Q&A session with Dallas Lane councilors. Mark Short admitted that he has been investigating the arsonists for seven years, including a visit to the Netherlands. Meanwhile, hundreds of homes have been built, where homeowners are unaware of such plans. These residents now face the possibility of being burned as a neighbor. For some residents, it is 300 meters from their homes. The house they bought in good faith. Homes they wouldn’t have bought if they had known that House Gul Park was planned.

Clean Air Day protest.

On Clean Air Day, the great people of the Concert went to the proposed site for the Concert Incinerator to make a very clear point. We want the air in the concert to be clean. We do not say!

what can you do?

There’s still time to do something about it – join our goal:

Nowhere by the Christine Thomas Concert Incinerator campaign.

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