Colleen Rooney ‘planted up to 39 false stories about herself while hunting Wagat Christie’

Rooney is said to have planted up to 39 false stories about herself while hunting for a mole that allegedly sold information to the media.

However, only three of them – about a flooded basement, gender selection and a planned return to TV – were used in the media before Colleen scathingly accused Becky Vardy of selling stories in her “Wagatha Christie” post.


Colleen Rooney is said to have planted up to 39 false stories about herself while hunting a mole that allegedly sold information to the media.1 credit
Lawyers For Mum-Of-Five Becky Also Seized On The Fact That Some Of The Information Released Was Also Posted On Claire Rooney'S Instagram.


Lawyers for mum-of-five Becky also seized on the fact that some of the information released was also posted on Claire Rooney’s Instagram.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Other stories planted as part of the “bite operation” are said to have included Rooney’s increased security and guard dogs after a series of break-ins into football players’ homes.

In another video, 35-year-old Colin told subscribers that she was going to buy a new luxury car.

And a third apparently saw WAG bragging about a huge shopping spree.

Recordings filed in the High Court in a libel case brought by 40-year-old Becky show they were released after Colleen restricted access to her Instagram in the months prior to her high-profile post in October 2019.

They also show that Becky viewed the messages, but the vast majority of them did not result in media coverage.

A source close to the case said: “It’s a dynamite thing, and it seems to significantly undermine Colin’s case.

“If Becky leaked stories for money, what happened to everyone else — the other 36?

“The records seem to show that she looked at them and did nothing.

“That’s what she said happened to the stories that actually came out in the media and were in the case – that she wasn’t bothered enough to think it was important and she didn’t need to sell stories about her friend.” .

We can report that lawyer mom-of-five Becky also seized on the fact that some of the information released was also posted on Instagram by close friend Colin and husband Wayne’s cousin Claire Rooney.

The August 2019 article was based on a photo of Colin drinking wine at Soho Farm, Oxfordshire, to celebrate Wayne’s return from the US to the UK.

Court documents say the photo was posted on Claire’s Instagram as well as Colleen’s Instagram, and Claire also “tagged” her friend in it, which would have drawn attention to the post.

The revelation seems to contradict Colin’s claim that the information could only have come from her social media.


Colleen organized a “mole hunt” between April and October 2019.

She then announced that she had restricted access to her stories to one person whom she accused of selling information, and ended dramatically: “This is … … Rebecca Vardy’s account.”

Last week, we revealed how reports revealed how Becky and her agent buddy Caroline Watt worked out a plot for Colleen to become a detective six months before it was published in Wagata.

In one, Becky – the wife of Leicester and England star Jamie Vardy, 35 – sent a message to Ms. Watt saying: ‘Maybe she (Colin) put it up to see if anyone would pass it on. MEDIA”.

Testimony filed in the High Court by Becky’s lawyer Charlotte Harris mentions planted stories that were not used.

It states: “It appears that the respondent published a number of ‘fake’ stories during 2019.

“She exposed 40 Instagram posts/stories, and it is assumed that all of them, except for those in Soho House, were fake.”

Colleen lost the latest round of a drawn-out legal battle this week when she failed in her attempt to bring Caroline Watt into a personal misuse lawsuit.

She claimed that messages between Becky and Ms. Watt showed a cover-up of leaks.

The judge ruled that more messages between the couple should be revealed.

Becky is suing Colin for libel, due in May.

A rep for Becky declined to comment, while reps for Colin did not respond.

It Is Said That One Of The Stories Planted Was About How Rooney Increased Security And Brought In Guard Dogs After A Series Of Break-Ins In The Homes Of Football Players.


It is said that one of the stories planted was about how Rooney increased security and brought in guard dogs after a series of break-ins in the homes of football players.Credit: Social media – contact the source

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