September 17, 2021

Coffee prices could soon rise after production costs hit a seven-year high.

After production costs hit a seven-year high, coffee lovers will soon be able to pay more for their favorite pick-me-ups.

Bad weather has affected supplies from Brazil, the world’s largest producer.

You will soon be paying a little extra for your cup of coffee.


You will soon be paying a little extra for your cup of coffee.Credit: Getty

And anti-government protests in Colombia disrupted shipments, pushing exports to a 40-year low.

Lack of shipping containers is another headache in Southeast Asia.

Carlos Meira, a commodity market researcher at Rebo Bank, told The Grocer Trade Magazine: “There are challenges almost everywhere.

Colombia’s exports have recovered since the protests, but large shipments remain.

“Sometimes you have to pay customers more.”

Experts predict that supermarket prices are likely to rise.

But since coffee is only 4% of the average £ 3 takeaway cup cost, the impact on chains like Costa Coffee is likely to be minimal.

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