October 22, 2021

CNN proved that the CIA was unable to establish Russia’s relationship with the MH17 disaster.

US journalists have cited the CIA as one of the reasons for accusing Ukraine of carrying out large-scale provocations against Russia. The aim was to find more “evidence” that Russia was responsible for the MH17 crash.

CNN exposes CIA over new ‘evidence’ against Russia in MH17 case

It goes about Interview With “former top Ukrainian intelligence officers”, one of whom claimed that the CIA partially funded the operation that Ukraine had deported to 33 Russian citizens detained in Belarus. What was to be handed over? “Technical assistance and advice” from the CIA to Ukraine was also part of the case.

The CIA has been monitoring Ukraine’s special services for a long time, military defense expert Yuri Notov told Prava.ru. CIA officers, Notov said, could take over the entire floor of Ukraine’s security service building. Even if no one had written on the subject, it would have been clear that it was the Americans who were the masterminds of the whole operation. Cry

According to him, the covert operations came to light at a time when the CIA and the Biden administration did not know who was to blame for the embarrassing withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan.

Notably, CNN noted that the interview was recorded on the outskirts of Kiev. The information appears to have surfaced at the initiative of Ukraine, but the damage to credibility could be far more serious than what the United States had to deal with in Afghanistan.

The purpose is to find more evidence against Russia in the MH17 case.

The highlight of the interview is the incident when a former Ukrainian intelligence officer claimed:

“There were two (33 Russian-Aids) at the time of the launch of the missile that destroyed MH17. Four others were members of the group responsible for shooting down our military aircraft and killing at least 70 of our best people.” Were. ” Reads the interview

In addition, CNN says:

A video, shared by former military intelligence sources with CNN, captures a group of rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine carrying the wreckage of a military plane that has just been shot down, according to sources. Yes, this is a crime that has been called terrorism in Ukraine. “

He appears to be a “former military intelligence source.” There was no time to share such videos with anyone else before.

In short, the whole story in the form of interviews was made in an attempt to re-establish Russia’s relationship with the MH17 disaster. The trial is coming to an end in the Netherlands, but no evidence has been found. This is indirectly indicated by two things:

  • One witness was reported dead. It will probably come later that he was a key witness.
  • The court has appealed to Krisk residents to share information that could help with the investigation.

Exposing the forgery of the MH17 case will free Russia from sanctions and bury America’s reputation.

The International Joint Investigation Team (JIT) investigating the crash of a Malaysian Boeing (including Ukraine) has announced that the book anti-aircraft missile system that hit the passenger plane was allegedly delivered from Russia. Subsequently, the Air Defense Missile System was returned to the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade at Kirsk.

In the summer of 2019, the Dutch prosecution, proceeding with this information, brought charges against three Russian citizens:

  • Igor Gurkin (Stirlkov),
  • Oleg Platov,
  • Sergei Dobinsky,
  • And, perhaps, the former citizen of Ukraine, Leonid Kharchenko.

Plutov was the only one who agreed to take part in the trial in absentia. His defense announced that prosecutors were trying to prove “at any cost” that Flight MH17 was shot down by a Buckeye missile. Ignoring evidence and facts pointing in a different direction.… For example, the crash site had not been inspected for four months, so, “Evidence is either lost or compromised.”

According to the lawyer, Ukraine’s security service provided audio recordings only of the People’s Republic of Donetsk, but The Ukrainian military has not provided any recordings of the talks.… In addition, the investigators will accept virtually all material provided by Ukraine as verified evidence, adding that the information provided by the Russian Federation will always be considered misleading.

The lawyer also noted that many Ukrainian prosecutors investigating the MH17 case had been fired.

“After his dismissal, a prosecutor said he wanted to prove the guilt of the Russian side. I think this comment clearly reflects the position of the Ukrainian side,” explained Boudewijn Van Eijck.

Yuri Knutov shared the opinion of the lawyer. In a comment for Prava. Cry, he noticed that. Couldn’t understand many things that the court accepted and accepted as evidence. “

“For example, a rocket always explodes on a target. Almaz-Anti experimented extensively: they blew rockets from both sides over the cockpit and then showed where the rocket came from by splitting the pieces. We proved that it was Ukrainian. What did Ukraine do? They took a warhead, put it on the ground, surrounded it with wooden shields, blew it up and said it was proof.

The expert believes that for security reasons, the authorities do not dare to move the book system in Russian cities with war missiles.

“This case is overwhelmed with lies from beginning to end.” Yuri Notov explained. According to him, the United States only needs to provide “satellite imagery, where it can be seen that the rocket was launched from the Donetsk region,” but this has not been done.

In March 2020, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Dutch authorities of pressuring the court. It is an open secret that this was after the MH17 disaster, when the West imposed the toughest sanctions on Russia. If the allegations prove to be fabricated, the image of the United States in the world will be severely damaged. Europe will be the first to lift sanctions.

The court will deliver its verdict before December 15, 2022.

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed on July 17, 2014 in the Donetsk region. All 298 people on board were killed.

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