October 18, 2021

Classing Geris as a check resulted in two to two defeats.

The Rangers on duty in the Europa League after two to two defeats when they faced a difficult evening in Prague.

Glenn Kumara, whose every touch. Extended by a crowd of school children., Received their marching orders as Steven Gerrard’s men. One goal went to zero.

This was another blow to the Rangers on Europa League duty.


This was another blow to the Rangers on Europa League duty.

But how did it happen? گیرس The rent here is dominated by David Freyl Abroux of Sunsport.

Alan McGregor.
Initially saved from Jacob Pesc and did well to keep Martin Mansio out. No chance with Sparta’s goal but then he put Jersey in it with a great stop in the second half. 8.

James Turner
The captain had to deal with his temporary central defense. Couldn’t make a fuss as usual and the other four were caught at times like in the past. 6.

Leon Balogan.
Unlucky with the other half header and could have netted before the break. He had to use his experience to defend but lost to Connor Goldson. 6.

Calvin Bassey.
Goldson was rejected and pushed into the middle. David Hanko beat Sparta with a header. Sparta did not always look comfortable against speed and movement. 5.

Good deliveries from the Croatian leftback but not as good as usual. It was a difficult night for Barisque, but he was not alone as Gers suffered another euro loss. 6.

Steven Davis.
The veteran tried to arrange the play as usual and it had more effect in the second half. Tried to open but Kumara’s defeat in the second half made it even harder. 6.

Glenn Kumara
The young fans of Sparta cheered embarrassingly but always tried to get on the ball. You will notice that his second booking was tough but the red card covered a terrible night for him. 5.

Calvin Bassi and Borna Baresic are finally disappointed.


Calvin Bassi and Borna Baresic are finally disappointed.

جونہنو بیکونا۔
Launch of Surprise First Gears for the signing of the summer. I got stuck but couldn’t really capture the game and then withdrew due to injury before the break. 4.

Joe Erebo
Bright three volumes on the right side of the front but he could not impress the game as much as he wanted. Sacrifice was made after Kumara’s red card as the Rangers changed the system. 5.

Czech schoolchildren do not attack Rangers star Glenn Kumara as they face Sparta Prague after Slavia racism controversy

Camera roof.
Quiet first half but deserved a great cross in the second half. Always trying to get off the ball but it wasn’t his night and he was replaced by Morelos for the last 25. 5.

Fashion Scala.
The great opportunity to shine and its speed created problems for Sparta. A goal in the second half was disallowed for an offside and then a late chance to score the remaining points. 6.


IANIS HAGI (5) Injured Becona in the first half, but he could not work his magic against the well-drilled Sparta side. A deflected shot was saved.

Alfredo Morellos (3) For the roof and put yourself, but no opportunity came his way.

John Lindstrom (2) Late run out for Arebo after Kumara red card but not really time to make an impact.

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