September 22, 2021

City’s reaction to the new Scott Rail Glasgow to Edinburgh Open return ticket price.

People across the city have expressed displeasure over a Scott Rail tweet announcing the price of a new “open return” fare between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The rail operator revealed that the new ticket would cost customers 30 30 to travel at any time of the day, or صرف 18.40 during off-peak hours.

But the news did not please social media users, and the post received hundreds of comments.

One person said: “£ 30 for an open return is ridiculously expensive. That’s why people who own a car always drive instead of driving.

Another added: “Shame on you. It’s too expensive. I traveled less than two hours in France.”

Paul tweeted from the Scott Rail account: “Sorry to hear that you didn’t realize it was a good value for money.”

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Meanwhile, someone else said: “Right now getting a return flight to Milan is cheaper than having an off-peak train to Glasgow. Do better.”

Another joked: “Well, I’m glad I didn’t particularly enjoy Edinburgh.”

Someone said: “It’s a wild price. How does this kind of fare encourage more people to jump on the train and leave the car at home? It’s not just economic.”

The owners of the rail operators explained that the new open return tickets are not a place for everyday travel. They are designed to offer the flexibility to travel at a later date – like those who want to stay overnight.

The usual return time between Glasgow and Edinburgh is 26.60.

However, one person questioned Scott Rail. He wrote: “If I come back within 30 days, why does it cost more? I think the ticket is more flexible but of course it costs you as a network operator to travel two trains. It’s the same for. Honest question. I’d love to know. ”

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Another added: “30 years back. Celebrating a return ticket that lasts more than a day. Wow wow!”

Someone asked: “Why can’t all return journeys be open returns?”

Another person said that you can get open return fare on bus at 10.

One person wrote: “Great value for money if you are a millionaire.”

A Scott Rail spokesman said: “In addition to the savings offer, our new open return fares between Glasgow and Edinburgh give customers the freedom to travel on their return without having to buy a ticket at any time within a month. To be able to

“We are confident that these fares will help bring back old customers and attract new ones, as we continue to work to ensure that Scotland’s railways are fit for the future. ”

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