October 25, 2021

Christmas Delivery Locations for Tesco, Sansebury, Asda, Morrison, Ocado and Vitrose Revealed

Supermarket delivery slots for the Christmas period are expected to be in high demand this year.

Christmas may be months away, but some retailers have already announced when they will offer festive food delivery slots.

Supermarket Christmas delivery slots will be available in the next few months.


Supermarket Christmas delivery slots will be available in the next few months.Credit: Scholar

Slots usually run out quickly, so note when you can sign up for delivery from your favorite supermarket.

Some grocers, such as Tesco, offer quick access to Christmas delivery slots for customers who pay to become members.

Last year’s capacity was rapidly filling up as demand for online shopping increased dramatically during the epidemic.

There could be stiff competition for slots this year as buyers seek to stockpile amid fears that supermarkets could run short.

Some supermarkets have already announced when the slots will be available, but others have not yet confirmed.

For those who have not yet revealed their dates, we have made a prediction based on previous years.

If you are hoping to be one of the first to confirm Christmas 2021 delivery, these are the key dates to put in your diary.


Tesco Delivery Saver customers will be able to book slots on November 16 from 6 p.m.

Tesco’s Delivery Saver service costs 7. 99.799 per month and provides customers with free delivery on orders over £ 40.

Buyers who have not signed up for the Delivery Subscription service will be able to book a slot from November 23, but are expected to fill up soon.


Whitroz buyers should check online at the end of this month or early October, as these Christmas booking dates will be announced.

The supermarket said the slots would be available for booking at the same time last year.

This means that Vitroz customers can order Christmas shipments from early November.

Marcus and Spencer

Marks & Spencer’s food to order service will open tomorrow, September 28.

The supermarket did not provide further details on ordering, so you should check the M&S website in the morning for more details.


Morrison said it would reveal when Christmas delivery would open for bookings.

However, based on previous years, we predict that Morrison Delivery Pass will be available to customers from early November.

Non-delivery customers will have to wait until the end of the month. In 2019, slots for delivery between December 20 and 24 will not be open until November 27.

Anytime Pass offers free delivery on orders from Monday to Sunday and £ 65 per year, ranging from 40 40 to 8 8 per month for six months.


Okado Smart Pass users who signed up before September 26 will soon have access to Christmas venues.

However, they get booked very quickly, so Smart Pass members are not guaranteed to get a slot.

We’ve asked Okado when SmartPass slots will be available for both members and non-members, and we’ll update this article when we have more information.


Asda has not announced when delivery slots will be available for Christmas, but it will likely be in November based on previous years.

Slots were launched in mid-November last year and in 2019, they were released to delivery pass customers on November 19 and November 13.

Of Sansbury.

Sainsbury has not yet confirmed when the booking slots will go live, but if guided last year, buyers will have to wait a little longer to receive their orders.

Last year, December 20 shipments could only be booked from November 29.

  • Slots can be booked from November 30 for delivery on December 21.
  • For delivery on December 22, slots can be booked from December 1.
  • For delivery on December 23, slots can be booked from December 2.
Tesco has warned that if the supply crisis is not resolved, the shortage will make panic shopping at Christmas.

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