September 17, 2021

Christian Horner says ‘pressure’ caused Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen crash in British GP

Christian Horner, principal of the Red Bull Racing Team, believes that the “increase in pressure” resulted in a collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix on July 18. There are three laps left with Leclerc.

Horner is looking for him It’s hard to put an event behind it, Especially after it reversed a lot of claw losses to Mercedes in both the Drivers and Constructors Championships. The Red Bull team was also unhappy that Hamilton was fined just 10 seconds for the incident, which prevented him from winning the race.

The Red Bull chief believes Hamilton was feeling the pressure after becoming a “hunter” rather than a sudden “victim.” He thinks the aggressive driving style he saw in contact with Versatile was due to the fact that he lost the sprint race in front of his home crowd and lost 32 points in the championship, which now stands at eight points. Has gone

“No matter how experienced or talented, all drivers sometimes face increasing pressure and it was a moment of extreme pressure for Hamilton in the championship, who became a hunter against the prey,” Horner said. Said, As copied on GP fans.

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after finishing first in Silverstone Friday qualifying
Lars Baron / Pool

“We all know that these conditions may not characterize a different style of driving and a world champion, but we see a growing danger in these times.”

Horner continues to perpetuate the mistake, which was entirely Hamilton’s and believes that the British driver should have pulled himself out of the corner after the corpus move. The Red Bull chief also believes that if Verstappen had stayed ahead and in the race, there was little doubt that he would have won his fourth in five races.

Horner added, “He was traveling at a speed that he was never going to make a corner hill and his smooth walk through the coops meant he would never miss Max, even “After the brakes, he ran very wide after the accident.”

“If Max had made it through Kopsy, I don’t think Hamilton would have seen it again this afternoon, as he did in the sprint race the day before.”

Max Versatapen
Max Werstapen was the winner of the Red Bull in Austria last year
William West / AFP

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