October 21, 2021

Chris Martins upset Dakota Johnson at the Cold Play concert

Chris Martins upset Dakota Johnson at the Cold Play concert

Dakota Johnson, 32, who has been Chris Martin’s longtime girlfriend, reacted beautifully when his wife publicly announced her love for him.

On Tuesday, October 12, Chris performed with his band, Cold play, For her latest single. My universe In collaboration with the group BTS In London. As the band was about to play, Martin began:

Dakota Johnson.
Dakota Johnson and his wife, Chris Martins on the last walk / shutter stock.

“It’s about my universe, and it’s here,” he told the audience. Of Fifty shades of gray. The actress can be seen briefly holding her palms together, and then she throws her arms in the air as she dances to a bouncing tune.

In March, Dakota and Grammy winners moved into a 12 12.5 million mansion in Malibu, Calif. At the time, an insider speculated that Chris owned the home but confirmed that Dakota “was living there with him.” Is.”

Dakota Johnson.
Dakota Johnson and his wife, Chris Martins in the last walk / shutter stock.

Dakota was asked about the relationship during the 2018 interview. Tatler., And although the actor replied that he “would not talk about it,” he added, “but I am very happy.” One person who has publicly endorsed the romance is Gwyneth Paltrow, who shares 17-year-old Apple and 15-year-old Moses with ex-husband Chris.

“Happy 30th Birthday to This Absolute Gem,” Paltrow wrote to Martin’s famous girlfriend, Dakota Johnson, last October, who had a beach holiday and a double date with his wife, his ex-wife and Falchick. Also spent

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“I love it,” Paltrow said of the co-star in the February issue. Harper’s Bazaar.. “I can see how weird it sounds because it’s unconventional. But I think, in this case, just going through it, I just like it.

Gwyneth continued, “I always start thinking about the ampersand sign – what else can you bring instead of being resistant or insecure? There’s a lot of juice in leaning towards something like that.”

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