October 18, 2021

Chris Jenner was stunned in a red coat after his KSNL debut with Khloe.

Chris Jenner stunned in red coat after Kim’s SNL debut with Chloe and Corey Gamble

Chris Jenner, 65, looked stunning in a bright red coat as he walked out of his New York City hotel!

On the morning of Sunday, October 10, along with his daughter Khloe Kardashian and 40-year-old boyfriend Corey Gamble, the self-made messenger placed a mug on a mug over a cup of coffee.

Chris Jenner
Chris Jenner stunned in red coat after low KSNL debut with Khloe Kardashian / Backgrid

The 65-year-old paired his comfortable wool jacket with a full black pair, including black heeled boots. Khloe was decisively left behind with her outfits from the early 2000’s, which had a military atmosphere. Of Good american The founder wore a green pair of olives with wide-legged trousers, along with a chemo-printed puffer with a Newman orange accent. She hid her face behind a face mask and wide black sunglasses, ending with a Travis Scott Nexus and a nude Hermes bag.

Chris and Khloe both laughed during their unexpected comeo. SNLIncluding one who betrayed his entire family. Kim humorously portrayed 42-year-old Courtney Kardashian as “The People’s Court”.

Chris Jenner
Khloe Kardashian sees Chris Jenner leaving New York after a low SNL debut / backgrid

After weeks of rumors, Kim was confirmed to be hosting the long-running NBC series in September خاص especially when Kim was spotted at the legendary Polo Lounge by showrunner Lorraine Michaels and her mother (and manager) Chris. Jenner was seen having lunch. “OMFG don’t back down now !!!! LOL, I’m hosting SNL !!!!!! nbcsnl,” she tweeted on September 22, including a photo of the 27-year-old. Halsi confirmed as a music guest.

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Before the big announcement, KKW The beauty founder was asked to appear in season 47. SNL And there was even talk of making Kanye a musical guest for the first episode of the season.

“Kim wants to host and possibly some family members to take part in the skates or the opening mug. If they can’t figure it out for a season debut, they still want to have a hosting spot sometime during the season. ਕਰੇ۔

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