October 25, 2021

Chris Eubank is ready to renew his feud with old enemy Nigel Benn – but he will not be tempted to return to the ring.

Chris Ubank is renewing his feud with SR Nigel Benn – but ‘for all the gold at Buckingham Palace’ will not return to the ring with him.

After three decades of their epic battles for the WBO title, the legendary Middleweights revived their feud in a talking tour.

Ubank (left) won its first fight against Ben in 1990 (right)


Ubank (left) won its first fight against Ben in 1990 (right)Credit: Getty Images – Getty
The pair then drew again three years later.


The pair then drew again three years later.Credit: Action Images – Reuters.

But when the smiling Ben, 57, says he would like a three-way fight, Ubank, 55, has none.

Last year, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, Roy Jr. Jr. and Ender Hollyfield returned to the ring in their 50s.

And Ben, who trains twice a day with his son Connor, does the final show down with his old dance partner.

He said: “I would love to have the Trinity because I know I won the second battle. We know they gave it to me as a lottery – but he knows I really won it.

Despite this, Ubank insisted that he would not be tempted to take the last day of pay.

He said: “I will not sell my peace of mind to the world. No, I am not aiming again because I have already beaten Belsi. If I achieve the goal again, I know I will. You won’t be able to kill Belsi. You can only do that in the 20’s.

Eubank and Ben now seem to have mutual respect for each other.


Eubank and Ben now seem to have mutual respect for each other.Credit: Newsgroup Newspapers Limited

“I targeted, fired and I’m grateful for my score. All the gold in Buckingham Palace couldn’t force this king to go back there and line it up.

Ben lost his ninth round of TKO to Ubank at his first meeting at the NEC in Birmingham in November 1990, before his controversial draw at Old Trafford three years later.

The couple buried Hatchett many years ago, but that doesn’t mean things won’t weaken when they’re on stage, close and personal.

“If we were playing drafts, chess or Tudley Winx, we would always be hostile,” Ben admitted.

Dark Destroyer no longer has any ill will towards Nemesis Ubank, who helped him retire a very rich man.

Ben added: “I never thought we would get here but we have. We have grown up and matured. I actually thank God I have Chris in my life. Without it. I will not be a retired man.

“Because of being able to retire at the age of 32, wow. Thank you, Chris. And the lifestyle I have. These things, these are the only things you dream of.”

And Eubank added: “I’m happy. You show me a man who risks his happiness and I fool you.

However, Ubank’s stance will not deter the highly competitive Ben from trying to twist his arm for a final fight.

He said: “Let’s have a good show and talk later. There is room. They are looking for old enmity.

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“But not like Hollyfield. I will never step into the ring and never will.”

Often seen as arrogant and ostentatious, Ubank is looking forward to showing off a part of it that cameras rarely saw on their 20-stop tour.

He explained: “People have misunderstood me.”

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