September 20, 2021

Chris Boyd says the Scottish duo of Kevin Nesbet and London Dykes need to start against Moldova.

Let’s leave

Scotland London Dykes and Kevin Nesbet need to play against Moldova from the start.

Scotland and Hubbs striker Kevin Nesbet.


Scotland and Hubbs striker Kevin Nesbet.Credit: SNS
London Dykes in action by Scotland.


London Dykes in action by Scotland.Credit: PA

No one is pretending to be the biggest goal scorer ever to wear a dark blue jersey.

But no one is pretending to be Scotland’s biggest team ever.

I have said it before and I will say it again, even if I am branded as a former supporter.

Scotland qualified for Euro 2020. no There are so many good teams that have failed to reach big tournaments in the last 23 years.

That is why I am surprised that some people expected us to go to Copenhagen and get the result on Wednesday night.

Denmark is the real deal.

If Rahim Sterling had not dived into the Euro semi-finals at Wembley, he might have reached the final. Maybe even won it.

They have the perfect balance of experience and youth, they put their ego at the door, they are smart, organized and passionate.

They are just a few light years ahead of Scotland.

Even if Steve Clarke had enjoyed the luxury of a full squad for the World Cup qualifiers at midweek, he would have struggled to get results.

But now the scene is far from over.

Scotland are big hitters and Moldova are hopeless underdogs in Hampden.

Although I expected very little from Copenhagen, I don’t expect less than three points here – and maybe some goals – here.

And that’s why I’m going upstairs with Dykes and Nesbet.

No disrespect to Chi Adams. He is a good player. It was not his fault that Scotland lost on Wednesday.

I would probably bring him back on Tuesday night for a different Test against Austria.

But the Moldovan mission has called for Dykes, Nesbet and an assistant cast to take the field and bring Scotland back to qualifying for Qatar next year.

Dykes takes you to the pitch. Defenders naturally fall into the depths when he goes up to win the flux and fight every ball.

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We all like to see the Spanish pass, pass, pass style.

But sometimes – if you don’t have the players available for Louis Enrique – you need to move it a little faster.

Even the smartest Spaniards were caught on Thursday night when Philip Helander and Sweden beat their first defeat in World Cup qualifiers in 66 games.

There is no shame in asking Sweden to go a little faster and defend the teams.

Let’s test the Moldovan defense as soon as possible and what the Danes started against us.

I’m impressed with the start of the season with Nesbitt. Imprisonment.

I especially liked the way he went about his business. Livingston. On Easter Road last week

He takes the ball inside, he adds the game and its completion cannot be questioned.

Take a look at the goal he scored after coming off the bench against the Netherlands in June.

Behind that, it will be a bonus to bring back John McGann in midfield with columnists McGregor and Billy Glamor.

Scott McTomney and Ryan Jack are remembered when they are not there but we need to focus on the people who are available.

McGinn thrives when he gets an extra license to overtake the strikers. He is a ready runner, he is strong and he can finish.

His goal-scoring record for Scotland from midfield – ten goals in 36 caps – is impressive.

Deliver-No Scotland star McGann insisted the takeaway was closed during Coved’s isolation.

We need to find ways to score again.

We couldn’t find a way through Caspar Schmeichel on Wednesday night and McGregor’s shot from outside the box against Croatia was our only goal in three Euro games – despite creating plenty of opportunities.

Andy Robertson should start back to the left and I’ll probably take Nathan Peterson from Stephen O’Donnell to the right.

Karen Terni should return to the left of the last three, Grant Henley will play and then it’s just a call between defender Liam Cooper and Jack Hendry.

Scott McKenna made his debut in Copenhagen but it looked like he was affected by the poor start to the Nottingham Forest season.

He didn’t look at himself, he defended deeper than usual, he didn’t squeeze the drama, he stepped back.

This is not the McKenna I have played or seen against.

It will be interesting to see which team Clarke goes with – as Scotland now enter the group F winning area.

I am accused of being all tormented and sad about the national team but I consider myself a realist.

Qualifying for Euro 2020 has strengthened the nation, especially in these difficult times.

If we can repeat this feat and reach the final of the next Winter World Cup in the Middle East, no one will be happier than me.

To do this, we need to sneak through the runners-up and playoffs for the brilliant Danes.

The next four days will be crucial if we are to do that.

Scottish star John McGinn.


Scottish star John McGinn.Credit: Sun.

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