Chloe Sims photographed topless Dan Osbourne in Touie’s stunning comeback

CHLOE Sims dresses topless as Dan Osbourne in Touie’s epic retro Instagram shot.

In a picture posted by Vas Morgan, the 40-year-old reality TV star makes out with a muscular hunk who is dressed only in white boxers.


Chloe Sims shared a retrospective featuring Vas Morgan and Dan Osborne.1 credit
Khloe Looks Better Than Ever In Her 40S.


Khloe looks better than ever in her 40s.1 credit

Chloe looks very glamorous in a white wedding dress at a luxurious party.

Lauren Pope is a Hollywood siren in a bold red dress and matching lipstick, pouting at the camera.

Bobby Norris in a suit and boots kisses buddy Dan’s shoulder as you look into the camera.

None of the quartet is on ITV reality shows anymore, but they have maintained and increased their social media exposure.

I Regret Testing Madison For Adhd And Autism,” Says Chloe Sims.
Chloe Sims Broke Up With Pete Wicks After He Tattooed His Name On Him

Vas often hangs out with elite stars like Demi Lovato and Rita Ora, while Dan is happily married to actress wife Jacqueline Jossa.

The unmarried Khloe recently distanced herself from ex Pete Wicks and said she’s not focused on finding love.

Earlier this week, she revealed that she kept her cosmetic surgery a secret from her 16-year-old daughter, Madi.

The mom of one tells the teen that she had an accident instead when Madi notices bruises on her body.

The reality TV star has spent around £30,000 over the years on a breast augmentation and a butt lift, but has previously denied having had nose surgery.

Khloe explained, “Before, when I had bruises or something like that, I just made up something, said that I fell or something like that.

“That’s not something she needs to know about.

“She’s only 16. She once asked if she could get veneers, but now she has a brace.”

Chloe, who raised Madi alone, sought to instill confidence in her teenage daughter and admitted that she didn’t want Madi to grow up thinking that to be beautiful, you have to be glamorous.

The star told New! magazine: “I can’t protect her from everything.

“Music videos are sexualized and there aren’t many role models that are over size 14.

“Every single day I tell Madi that she is beautiful and that all women are of different heights.

“I was careful about letting her play with makeup when she was little, but if she wants to do it now as a teenager, that’s absolutely fine.

“I’m just making it clear that she doesn’t need makeup and that she’s beautiful on her own.”

Khloe was injected with Botox and fillers in her face, but in December, the former Playboy Bunny claimed she had surgery to change her bone structure after she shared a photo of herself as a teenager.

The TV darling had two breast augmentations to go from 34B to 34EE and two Brazilian butt lifts to round her butt.

She has also had veneers, but has repeatedly denied facial surgery, including a nose job and chin implant, claiming that her face is changing solely because of the fillers.

“People keep saying, ‘she needs to have her mental health checked, she’s had way too many plastic surgeries on her face,'” Chloe ranted.

“Then one woman said, ‘You’ve had too much Botox, you can’t move your lips.’

“You can’t get Botox on your lips, dumbass.”

Dan With Wife Jacqueline Jossa


Dan with wife Jacqueline Jossa1 credit
Chloe Said Her Daughter Madi Didn'T Know About Her Cosmetic Surgery.


Chloe said her daughter Madi didn’t know about her cosmetic surgery.Credit: Instagram/Madison Sims

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