September 17, 2021

China has sent a large contingent of military aircraft, including nuclear bombers, to Taiwan’s borders.

03/18/2003 11:41.

The Chinese government sent 19 aircraft to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone ahead of Taiwan’s annual military exercise. Guardian Reports

This is the largest formation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force in the last few weeks. Four H-6 nuclear bombers, ten J-16 fighters and four Su-30 fighters take part in the operation.

The plane flew over Taiwan’s air defense identification zone north of the disputed Pratas Island. According to the publication, the provocative flight was made in response to hostilities in the Taiwan Strait.

On August 10, officials in the Republic of China (Taiwan) announced that from September 13 to September 18, they would conduct Han Kwan military exercises involving all branches of the armed forces. Taiwan’s President Tsang Ang said the island would work to increase its disproportionate warfare capabilities against the Chinese threat.

On August 18, the PRC government set the scene for a large-scale operation to occupy Taiwan. The exercises were in response to US provocations in the South China Sea.

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