October 25, 2021

Child Awareness Week: Mid and East Antrim mayors share stories to help others.

Now in its 19th year, Baby Loss Awareness Week runs through October 15.

It is a coalition of more than 100 charities and organizations aimed at raising awareness of key issues related to pregnancy and childbirth in the UK.

Throughout the week, bereaved parents, their families and friends come together to commemorate the lives of children who died during pregnancy, after birth or shortly after, and in infancy.

The mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councilor William McKagi, has extended his support to all those affected by the pregnancy and miscarriage.

Saturday is a platform for tangible improvements in policy, research, mourning care and support.

Sharing your personal experience of pregnancy loss, Mayor McCaggy said: “With my wife Gillian and I have experienced this loss for the first time during pregnancy, I am very much aware of the feelings of pain, loss and distress that parents experience in dealing with their unexpected and often sudden grief. Feel trying.

“Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy or childhood affects parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family and friends, so it is important that timely and professional help is available to those in need.

“The theme of this year’s Child Harm Awareness Week campaign is Healthy, which is important in all walks of life, but especially during those times when we are experiencing pain and loss.

“Anyone who wants to know how to access help or connect with others who have had children or miscarriages can visit the website. www.babyloss-awareness.org For details “

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