September 18, 2021

Chelsea continue to search for defender, Mbabane to sign for Real Madrid for free, Earling Netherlands Updates

A record of wolves was presented to keep the men.

Special: The wolves are ready to offer Adama Trevor a مل 25 million golden carrot to sign a new four-year contract worth 120 120,000. GRAEME writes BRYCE.

After more than a year of fighting for the contract, the long-term contract offered by Trevor last October was not signed as the Spaniard refused to commit to his long-term future at the club.

Now, after Tottenham rejected two deadline day bids – including a 30 30 million bid to reunite Torre with its former owner Nono Esprito Santo – the wolves are ready to take a dramatic step. Are

He is set to make 25-year-old Speedster the highest paid player in Molinux to keep his 25 million assets out of the clutches of his Premier League rivals.

And he will continue talks with Toure in the next few weeks, once he returns from Spain’s next World Cup relationship on a double-deck money deal against Georgia and Kosovo.

Travers currently earns about £ 55,000 a week, but the Wolves are willing to more than double that, rather than see the value of their attacking assets fall as their current deal expires.

Powerhouse Forward has entered the last two years of the five-year deal he signed when he arrived from Middlesbrough in August 2018 with a club record of 18m.

The Wolves’ failure to sign any deadlines – despite the addition of three or four ‘high standards’ by head coach Bruno Ledge – went down badly with frustrated wolf fans.

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