September 20, 2021

Check out Khalil Rowntry’s ‘Bell ***’ slanted kick that UFC fighters are calling for a ban after injuring Buckaskas.

Several UFC fighters have called for a ban on slanted kicks after Modestas Bokoskas suffered a serious knee injury in a light heavyweight clash with Khalil Rowntry Jr.

The Baltic Gladiator broke his knee last night in the second round of his UFC Vegas 36 clash with Roundry Jr.’s terrible nest.

Referee Herb Dean saw Bokoskas fall to the ground in agony and immediately left the match.

The fully placed slanted kick used by Rountree is a distribution strike, many believing fighters should refrain from using it as it can cause harm.

And several players on the UFC roster demanded that it be outlawed after seeing its devastating effects on Bokoscas.

“It’s technically ‘legal’, but I don’t think it’s right. It should only be used in street combat situations,” said Max Griffin, a Welterweight competitor.

Lightweight man Michael Johnson said: “We’ve just talked about this fight club. It should definitely be banned.

“Cheap bull ** t

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Bilal Mohammad said: “Ah, this technique should be banned. It is a career change.”

Light Heavyweight Prospect Jamael Hill said: “That’s why this mess shouldn’t be allowed !!! H * es ** t !!!

“I don’t care if I’m unpopular with him, but this bull ** tea kick should be banned,” said lightweight Wink Pechle.

Referring to the devastating strike in his post-fight interview, Rowntry said: “I didn’t work at the training camp with the intention that I had today and threw it away, because I told my training partners Don’t want to hurt

“I knew he was very heavy on the front foot when he hit a shock. That’s when I threw him and when he landed.”

Khalil Roundary Jr. opened the helix oblique kick.


Khalil Roundary Jr. opened the helix oblique kick.Credit: UFC
The strike has angered Modestos Bokoskas.


The strike has angered Modestos Bokoskas.Credit: Getty
Cageside doctor believes Lithuanian-born Brit's ACL, MCL, and PCL ligaments were all torn


Cageside doctor believes Lithuanian-born Brit’s ACL, MCL, and PCL ligaments were all tornCredit: UFC

The extent of the damage to the Buckuskas knee is currently unknown, although commentator Michael Bisping revealed that Cageside physician believes that the Lithuanian-born Brit’s ACL, MCL, and PCL ligaments have all been torn. Have done

Bokoskas, 27, took to social media Sunday morning but did not give an update on his injury.

He wrote on his Instagram story: “Thank you all for the messages of love and support, I appreciate you all.”

Roundary further reflected his landslide victory on social media: “Overwhelmed by many different emotions.

“But I am grateful for your cooperation.


“There are ups and downs of fighting and although it is dangerous to entertain the public and anything can happen.

“I spoke to my opponent after the match and wished him a speedy recovery as he would come back stronger and better like all the great fighters.

“Thank you all again.”

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