October 18, 2021

Charlotte Dawson celebrates her 29th birthday with an amazing balloon display and a two tier cake.

Charlotte Dawson celebrated her 29th birthday in style as her home was transformed into balloons and incredible cakes.

The XB on Beach Star hosted an intimate party for their special day on Sunday evening, attended by all of her “closest and dearest”.

Charlotte was seen celebrating in style over the weekend.


Charlotte was seen celebrating in style over the weekend.Credit: Instagram
She poses for a snap with her baby son Noah.


She poses for a snap with her baby son Noah.Credit: Instagram

Charlotte, 29, went on her Instagram grid to share behind-the-scenes photos of her party with her baby son Noah and fianc می Matt Sarsfield.

She posed in front of a huge ’29’ light-up sign surrounded by silver and pink balloons as she glowed for the event.

Carrying Noah’s eight-month-old baby in his arms – Charlotte was first seen in pajamas when she put on her hair and make-up.

“Happy Chiffon Birthday to me!” He wrote under the sweet pictures. “My first birthday as Mama, got engaged. I want to be my Noah’s Mama!”

The star explained how her day turned out on Instagram, as she revealed that the family had gone out to eat at a local restaurant.

His table, which had a chair at the top for Noah, was covered with pink and white balloons at the time.

Charlotte also filmed her handmade birthday cake, which was decorated with roses and icing as well as edible pictures.

Other photos show that MTV is a real favorite who is all dressed up.

Her hair was half tied up and half down, and there were layers of pleasant curls falling on her shoulders and chest.

Charlotte also went out with a glamorous palette of make-up, combining fake eyelashes with a black lipstick and peeling shape.

As she posed alone for a moment, others saw her standing with her fianc and a large group of friends and her mother Tracy.

“Dump the birthday photo,” Charlotte said with the caption. “It simply came to our notice then

The star joked that he put on a “delicate pea head” after the boozy party, ending with a video of himself before going to bed.

With her eyelids drooping and looking worse in wear, Charlotte ended her birthday: “Last year was my twentieth year.”

This comes shortly after Charlotte revealed her significant weight loss following the launch of a new fitness regime after fears of diabetes.

She shared a video of her dance in front of her big TV set before and after her slim down.

Charlotte, who gave birth to her first child, Noah, in January with fiancھی Matthew Searsfield, said she was “improving my life” for her family.

It comes after the star, whose late comedian was diagnosed with Deadless Diabetes, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy but has recovered.

Dancing in some tight undergarments, she wrote: “Still not the best in setups but I’m proud of myself.

“I never thought I could change my lifestyle and diet to help with my fear of diabetes but here I am! I can’t believe I’m exercising right now and that Enjoying! “

“A little less chunky but always funky but I’m happy as long as I’m improving my life for Noah, Matthew and my Fambo.”

Charlotte broke up after meeting doctors in July to discuss her pregnancy and diabetes.

He said: “He has made it clear that he now needs to check my family history and everything.

“I’ve had all this gestational diabetes and then now I have to change my diet completely because they’re saying I’m on insulin if I don’t clean my diet because my blood sugar is bad. . “

Charlotte added: “I want chocolate and crispy and this kind of thing is very bad for diabetes. It raises your blood sugar level.”

Her incredible cake was decorated with pictures of food.


Her incredible cake was decorated with pictures of food.Credit: Instagram
He and Matt Sarsfield took pictures of a lovely couple.


He and Matt Sarsfield took pictures of a lovely couple.Credit: Instagram
Charlotte looked worse to wear after the party.


Charlotte looked worse to wear after the party.Credit: Instagram
Many friends attended the party.


Many friends attended the party.Credit: Instagram
Charlotte Dawson reveals incredible physical changes after fear of diabetes as she dances in her underwear.

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