October 27, 2021

Charity Mark launches new fund with estimates across Scotland.

Individuals and organizations Scotland There may be a chance to get a share of £ 100,000.

Tiny Changes announces launch of its first national ‘McTiny Changes Fund’, this year’s Global Mindset Health. The theme of the day is ‘An Unequal World’.

The charity is encouraging young people to apply for solutions to both inequality and mental health issues and to consider applicants for individual grants of up to 10,000.

Glasgow Times: [Image: Rhys Buchanan][Image: Rhys Buchanan]

This is the third round of small changes since it was established in May 2018 after the death of frightened rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison.

At the beginning of the fund and on the occasion of both. World Mental Health Day on Sunday, small changes in collaboration with Scottish Creative Visual Agency DoubleTech Projection, bold messages from young people around Scotland, including Glasgow.

Glasgow Times: [Image: Rhys Buchanan][Image: Rhys Buchanan]

Cara Brown, CEO of Tiny Changes, said: “Today Tiny is an exciting milestone for change and we can’t think of a better way to mark it than to put Scott and the youth’s words on Scotland’s mark. ۔

Young people need to listen to their voices, take equality seriously, and prioritize first aid for their mental health, which is now more than ever.

We hope that our first National McTinny Changes Fund encourages more people to join us and is a reminder that even in the darkest days the light will come back.

Click to apply. Here.

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