September 23, 2021

“Changed circumstances” with Cowade have pushed for a vaccine passport, says Hamza Yusuf.

Passports for the covid vaccine are being rolled out across Scotland to prevent further widespread sanctions. Health. The secretary said.

Although Hamza Youssef acknowledged that ministers had previously had concerns about such a move, he added that the recent increase in the number of cases of cowardice meant that “circumstances have changed”.

His comments came after former Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that coronavirus vaccine certificates were being introduced as a condition of entry into nightclubs and other major events, such as Music Festivals and some football matches.

Ms Sturgeon announced the plans as she warned that it was “by no means impossible” that Scotland could see 10,000 new infections. Corona virus one day.

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Cases in Scotland Now five times more than four weeks ago, the first minister stressed that the situation was still “extremely worrying”.

To help combat the spread of the virus, the Scottish Government plans to introduce a vaccination certification scheme, which will apply to clubs as well as undesirable indoor live events with an audience of over 500 people.

The scale, which is due to be approved by Holyroad next week, will also apply to undesirable outdoor events with an audience of more than 4,000, and any event with an attendance of more than 10,000.

Nightclubs in Scotland reopened for business only on April 9, and the Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) has already called the scheme a “highly undesirable development”.

Colin Wilkinson, managing director of SLTA, said: “After the normal reopening of the economy, we are seeing a huge increase in the rate of infection as many sectors reopen completely and Scottish schools reopen for two weeks. Granted, universities and colleges are about to open, but nightclubs are currently being targeted with the possible introduction of the Quad Status Certification System.

However, Mr Yusuf said the government had chosen to introduce a vaccine certification scheme instead of imposing widespread sanctions.

The health secretary said: “Ultimately we are bringing it forward because we do not want to impose sanctions again, we have never wanted to impose sanctions, no government wants to restrict the behavior of the people in any way or manner.

“But of course it’s always an option we have to consider, especially if we see an increase in the number of cases we’ve seen in the last week.”

Mr Yusuf told the BBC. Radio. Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program, where last week’s sharp rise in cases was a “major concern” for ministers, gave an early indication of this week’s figures that “hopefully the growth rate has begun to slow” ”

He added that while the number of cases was not decreasing, “the growth rate has started to slow down”.

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But with covid infection 80 per cent higher than a week ago, Mr Yousef added: “We are at a stage where we think there is covid vaccination certification, the benefits outweigh some risks. ”

While acknowledging that there were concerns, including equality issues, Mr Yousef said some “work solutions” had been developed, so that those who did not have a smartphone, for example, would not be deprived.

Anyone who has both doses of the corona virus vaccine can obtain a paper copy of the certificate to prove it.

Mr Yousef also emphasized that the new vaccine certification scheme was being limited to “very, very special events and very specific places”.

He said: “It’s a reflection of the fact that we are still concerned, but my main point is the benefits of the certification scheme. There are more that remain. ”

Although he said it would have been premature to talk to the affected areas before the plans announced by the MSPs, Mr Yusuf said talks could now take place.

He added that nightclubs were considered “permanently” “high-risk places”, citing a lack of ventilation in the area and “close contact” between the clubs.

Talking about the new proposals, Mr Yousef said: “I think there are doubts, but not only have things changed, we have been able to find some solutions to some of these problems. ”

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