September 18, 2021

Challenging situation Eliminate property taxes. News

A one-time state sen, with a promise to clear the swamp in Austin and restore lower-level confidence in his party. Don Huffins, R. Dallas, (2015-18) spoke with a rare group of Lamar County Conservatives Tuesday night at Lamar County Fair Grounds.

Rich Dallas commercial real estate developer is challenging the government. With Greg Abbott, former party chairman Alan West, Criminal Defense Attorney Paul G. Belleau, talk show host and comedian Chad Prather, and military veteran Kurt Schwab in the March Republican primary. If need be, a run-off election in May will determine whether Abbott wins his third term.

“I’m not in this race because I need a job. I’m in this race because the work isn’t being done,” Huffins said, vowing to stay in office and receive any kind of government compensation. The impetus for my running came on March 20, when 3 million Texans lost their jobs and Abbott closed tens of thousands of businesses. And then he closed our churches on Easter, the holiest day of the year.

“Republicans are frustrated, angry, scared, lying and tired of broken and empty promises,” the candidate said.

During his 20-minute speech, Huffins spoke about his passion for the Republican Party, the party platform, and the U.S. Constitution, and as governor he will clear Austin, secure the Texas border, and abolish property taxes. And restore state sovereignty. .

“I’m a business man, and I want to solve problems in this state,” Huffins said. “If he doesn’t have the right solution, he will go in a different direction and be accountable to the people.”

Huffins spoke of the spectacle through which he would govern.

“Our freedom is from God, not from the government, and that’s why (our founders) wrote this document,” he said, pulling out a copy of the US Constitution. “They knew that the greatest threat to your freedom was the government they were building. Help me break the chains of government and help me awaken the sleeping sheep so that they can take away our freedoms from us.” Restore what has been stolen and restore the free market and the power of the Constitution.

Asked about the details of his agenda during the 40-minute question-and-answer session, Huffins said he had read articles from 150 countries announcing the Texas border attack on more than 2 million illegal immigrants a year. Will save using I, Article 10 of the Constitution, which gives states the power to protect against attacks.

“I will deploy the entire Texas National Guard (20,000 strong) on ​​the border, stop building the Texas wall, and stop the flow of trade from Mexico so that Mexico suffers financially as long as the Mexican border is closed,” Huffins said. Don’t save your share. ” “It can be done in 30 days, and I am never asking the federal government for permission to secure our border.”

Regarding the abolition of property taxes, the candidate said he would legislate to use pre-established revenue streams that increase by about 8% annually, limiting state spending to 2% and funding. Uses the difference to pay property taxes in eight years without changing the formulas. For school districts

“I will amend the constitution so that all Texans can vote on it,” Huffins said. For the first 60 days, legislators can only act at the discretion of the governor, and the governor has the line item veto power. “If they don’t cooperate, no bill will be passed.”

Huffins said he would use the same legislative strategy to see if the Republican platform becomes law.

When asked if he would need a vaccine or a mask, Huffins replied in the negative, saying, “Unlike the current governor who flops all the time.”

Responding to a question about Texas’ secession from the union, Huffins said he was neither in favor of it nor in favor of it, but he was in favor of putting it in the Republican primary ballot.

“Give me a two-year term, and I’m going to show you what it’s like to be independent, and I think that’s going to put some pressure on separation,” Huffins said. “I think only the threat of secession will get the federal government in our way.”

The fourth-generation Texan is the grandson of the late JL Huffins Sr. of Huffins Lewis Will, who started a car dealership there in the late 1920s, and the son of JL Huffins Jr., who expanded the dealership at the Dallas Metroplex. He has three brothers, Ray Huffins, who continues to grow the dealership, twin brother Philip, who is a partner in the Dallas / Fort Worth commercial real estate business, and James, who is in the banking business. He and his wife Catherine, 31, live in Dallas, have five older children and are expecting their fourth grandchild in 20 months.

Huffins, 63, grew up in Dallas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981 with a degree in finance.


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