September 19, 2021

Celtic striker Odson Edwards spotted by Palace after Eddie Nakedia’s transfer from Arsenal

According to reports, Crystal Palace Celtic star Odson is interested in signing Edward.

It is understood that the Premier League will try to get the 23-year-old French striker who failed to sign Eddie Nakedia from Arsenal.

Crystal Palace is reportedly trying to get Odson to sign Edward.


Crystal Palace is reportedly trying to get Odson to sign Edward.Credit: Kenneth Ramsay
The Eagles were after Eddie Nicetia, but the deal seems to be over.


The Eagles were after Eddie Nicetia, but the deal seems to be over.Credit: Getty

According to Athletic.The palace has turned its attention from 22-year-old Niketia to Edward after failing to reach an agreement with the former.

The Gunners are believed to have wanted 20 20m for the England striker, but their London rivals offered only 10 10m.

Mahal was reportedly set to join Arsenal for 15 15million, but the Emirates club will not ignore the price of his nickname.

The Eagles are expected to sign a deal for Edward, who has been outstanding since his move from Paris Saint-Germain in August 2017.

14 Cape France U21 International scored 85 goals in all Celtic competitions during its first four years at Park Head.

Edward has been a major part of the club’s recent success, winning three Premiership titles, two Scottish Cups and two Scottish League Cups.

And he has started the new campaign well, scoring twice for Celtic in his first four Scottish Premiership games.

As Sunsport revealed, Palace will offer Edward 15 15 million as he seeks to test his existing employers late in the transfer window.

It is thought there may be enough money to please Celtic, but the player’s demand for wages could be a problem as he wants 85 85,000 a week.

According to Sky Sports News.The palace is confident he will sign a striker on the day of the deadline.

Edward is thought to be just one of the “few players” the club is considering – which means there could be an amazing arrival at Selhurst Park.

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Odson Edwards showed his skills in training with Celtic.

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