October 20, 2021

Celtic star Joe Hart admitted that he did not know if he could play ang ball.

He admits he has never seen anything like it.

But it will not stop him from putting his heart and soul into it.

Hart found his point in the 4-0 defeat to Beer Leverkusen.


Hart found his point in the 4-0 defeat to Beer Leverkusen.

At the age of 34 – and with English domestic honors and big final tours behind it – Ang Ball is a new trend for Hart.

Celtic The former England No. 1 easily admits that he “likes” the challenge of adopting the playing system of Ange Posticoglu.

And while he admits that losing five of Hopes’ last eight games was “no fun”, he’s not ready to give up.

Hart said: “That’s why we play football. I like it

“I like the fact that I’m 34 and I’m learning a new style of play, new parts that I can do personally.

“I love the new challenge of playing this style that I may not have had the opportunity to play before.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t know I could play it. But I’m relieved and I feel like I’m representing myself well.

“But it’s not about me. It’s about the team, it’s about getting results.

“Yes, we are a new group of players. But what is it – that is no excuse.

“We’re here every day, trying to get things right and trying to perform. And we’re sure we’re close.

“It’s just going to disappoint outsiders. That’s it and we know it.

“But there’s no point in going so far as not to see what we’re trying to do.”

“We all move together. We are a group, we are a team. The manager is part of that team.

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Checked after Ang Ball. 4-0 defeat at the hands of Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League. On thursday night

It knocked out Group G hops, but if they lose in Aberdeen tomorrow afternoon, they could slip in the bottom half of the Premiership table.

Hart understands why the flock is flying but promises restless fans that the manager’s message is reaching the players – and that’s a positive message.

The former Manchester City keeper added: “We know his strengths as a manager, his strengths as a coach and what he asks of us.

“Yeah, it’s a dangerous way to play football, but when you really, really break it, what he does for us, that’s fine.

“He doesn’t expect us to walk out and play full football.

“He doesn’t just say, ‘Go to the boys, you go.’

“He stands up for us because he believes in what he is trying to do and we believe in what he is trying to do.

Which is being caught by heart ang ball.


Which is being caught by heart ang ball.

“Ultimately, most of the time passes ten to 15 yards. We need to believe and calm down and be clear in our minds about those ten to 15 yards passing.

“Yes, it’s a different way of playing, maybe how other teams are doing, but we’ve got a top coach with a good coaching team behind it who also believes in what they’re doing.

“All the information is there for us, we have all the information to play it that way.

“Look, we don’t like short-term pain, but we have to take it.

“We have to make it as short-term as possible because losing the game is not fun.

“But we believe in the process and we are behind what he is doing. He is defending us.”

The Celts are trying to win the league away for the first time since February.

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This is a situation that is unfamiliar to long-serving hops stars and is eager for a newcomer like Hart to end.

He said: “I am personally enjoying the challenge.

“I am very proud to be here and to be part of this club.

“However I’m playing, I want to be part of the winning team. This is our only chance to show that we have a strong character – that we are strong players and that we are going to win games for this football club. have been.

Hart could not stop Florin Wertz's attempt.


Hart could not stop Florin Wertz’s attempt.

“Sunday is an important game for us. We know Aberdeen is having a difficult time in the league but we know that when a team like ours goes there, it can be a game in two ways.

“It’s up to us to run it on our own. It’s important that we pick ourselves up, go again and go hard and pick up three points.

“They have their own problems, but we have to look at ourselves. We have to turn our dominance in our occupation and sports into victories. So easy.

“We are going there with the same intention as we did in every game – to dominate and win. We need to get it on the line.

“We are definitely disappointed, especially in the league.

“Statistics show that we are winning, but in the end it’s about winning the game. We need to change that.

“We had some good times in Europe.

“We played well on the pitch at Bates, we played well on the pitch against Leverkusen and we played against a good goalkeeper.

“Human error comes into it. We need to make as many mistakes as possible and when they enter we need to be there to cover each other.

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